Chicago Archbishop Doubles Down On His KKK/Pride Parade Comparison

After an online petition and a local LGBT Catholic group are calling out Archbishop Cardinal Francis George of Chicago for comparing KKK marches to gay Pride parades, he took the time to re-explain why he’s right.

George told ABC 7 in Chicago:

“Obviously, it’s absurd to say the gay and lesbian community are the Ku Klux Klan, but if you organize a parade that looks like parades that we’ve had in our past because it stops us from worshipping God, well then that’s the comparison, but it’s not with people and people—it’s parade-parade.”

Nevermind that the Chicago Pride parade changed its start time so that his congregants could attend Sunday Mass—they’re pretty much identical! Except for the burning crosses, white sheets and talk of racial purity.

But what would a priest know about KKK marches and Pride parades? Uh oh, does the Cardinal have something he’d like to confess?

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  • Cam

    And Again, then he must also think that the U.S. attorney General of various states around the U.S. are also like the KKK because they prevent priests who have raped children from leading services by sending them to jail.

  • Kev C

    I see what he’s saying. America has people in it, and Atlantis also had people in it. So America is exactly like Atlantis who God smote like Sodom and Gomorrah but with lasers.

  • christopher di spirito

    Archbishop Cardinal Francis George sounds like a babbling idiot. I would hope a reporter might ask him how many priest-child rapists he’s protected over the years? Even if the number is just one, it is too many.

  • Chris

    The Catholic church is dying, at least in the USA. They refuse to budge on their absurd stance on birth control, even condoms for safe sex. They take credit for “miracle” healings that involved three month hospitalizations, powerful antibiotics, and a huge team of actual trained professional healers. Their income is way down. People are leaving the religious orders in droves and young people aren’t coming in. And of course they don’t seem to get the whole pedophile priest problem.

    They remind us that pedophile means sexually attracted to pre-pubescents and that the majority of victims were actually older boys. Hence they say it’s a gay problem. That they covered for these creeps and told victims it was their fault is irrelevant, as are the sufferings of the female and pre-pubescent male victims.

    The upshot of it is that they need an enemy to blame, they’re obsessed with other people’s sex lives, and if they picked on feminists who use condoms everyone would just laugh at them. Poor Cardinal George is living in a fantasy where he’s obviously right and obviously evil people are out to get him. He doesn’t even comprehend that he’s on TV because he’s making a fool of himself.

  • gus

    He neEd to shUT thE fUCk uP.
    (ThiS iS a gReat waY tO fIlL ouT aLl those sElF FiLled dAta EnTRy forMs yoU
    dO foR ChaSe, and DelTa and tImE-WarNer…)

  • gus

    nOW tHaT I fiLl oUt aLl tHe FoRMs mySElf, fUCk tHE CoRPoRAtionS

  • Steve

    The city decided the parade route should go down a street that runs in front of the Catholic church. Nothing is preventing the Catholics from worshiping. The priest might want to put on an extra mass, either early or late, to accommodate the expected traffic.

    If the Catholics were truly Christian, they would invite the gay people in, and offer them food.

  • sam

    Okay, those words literally did not make any sense to me…

  • Hyhybt

    @Steve: From what I’ve read elsewhere, the problem the actual church in question (as opposed to the archbishop) had was that the parade, or those attending it, would block their doors. (More specifically, I’ve read that, as the parade turns the corner there, even the back entrance would be blocked.)

    If that’s true, the original complaint was reasonable. That doesn’t mean the parade *had* to be moved, but if there was another time that didn’t cause the same or greater trouble elsewhere, moving it was the decent thing to do, and that’s what was done.

  • ewe

    What makes priests think they dictate who is and will continue to be a catholic? Dumb idiots. Most catholics have a relationship with god that will never be effected by what an ignorant priest says or does. That is the truth. Nixon had a name for such people. He called them the silent majority.

  • Otis Criblecoblis

    What a freak …typical of the arrogant, moronic, sanctimonious Catholic criminal hierarchy.

    Why anyone continues to support this bizarre & corrupt organization is beyond me.

  • Steve

    @Hyhybt: Thank you, I had not seen the schedule change.

    I still think the Church should invite the gays in and offer hospitality. A nice cup of fruit punch on a hot afternoon in June, would be appreciated.

  • the crustybastard

    Oh. Well, allow me to retort. The Catholic hierarchy can be compared to a massive ongoing pedophile conspiracy. Because it is.

    I don’t feel particularly clever making that comparison. It’s shooting fish in a barrel. However, it makes the point: why would Catholics even attempt to slander others with disparaging comparisons?

  • Ned_Flaherty

    Historically, the rhetorical phrases most used by LGBT people are terms such as: “compassion, love, fairness, citizenship, equality, rights,” and “justice.”

    But the cardinal, his Pope, their employees, and official church policy all preach that LGBT people are “intrinsically disordered” and “immoral” and “evil.”

    In calling an entire class of people irrecoverably flawed and lacking in morality and Satanically possessed, it is the cardinal who is spewing rhetoric, not LGBT people.

    This archbishop/cardinal wants to deny all citizens their human rights based on some supernatural assumptions belonging to a religious sect. He is a dangerous demagogue spewing religious rhetoric, trying to turn everyone else’s democracy into his own theocracy.

  • I Mean What

    Let me just call the kettle black here. Cardinal George had to settle a sexual harassment case between an unamed boy and a priest named Daniel McCormack who pleaded guilty in 2007 to abusing five boys (ages 10-12) and was sentenced to five years in prison.

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