Chicago Archbishop Doubles Down On His KKK/Pride Parade Comparison

After an online petition and a local LGBT Catholic group are calling out Archbishop Cardinal Francis George of Chicago for comparing KKK marches to gay Pride parades, he took the time to re-explain why he’s right.

George told ABC 7 in Chicago:

“Obviously, it’s absurd to say the gay and lesbian community are the Ku Klux Klan, but if you organize a parade that looks like parades that we’ve had in our past because it stops us from worshipping God, well then that’s the comparison, but it’s not with people and people—it’s parade-parade.”

Nevermind that the Chicago Pride parade changed its start time so that his congregants could attend Sunday Mass—they’re pretty much identical! Except for the burning crosses, white sheets and talk of racial purity.

But what would a priest know about KKK marches and Pride parades? Uh oh, does the Cardinal have something he’d like to confess?