Chicago Churches Say They’ll Ban Politicians That Support Same-Sex Marriage

communionAs the Illinois House of Representatives prepare to vote on a marriage-equality bill, religious leaders from Catholic and traditionally African-American churches are saying they’ll band lawmakers who vote for the measure.

On Thursday, more than 20 pastors and priests announced the formation of a new coalition aimed at stopping same-sex marriage, WBEZ Radio reports. Today the group launched a media campaign that includes billboards, radio and TV ads, and visits to some 75 churches this weekend—all asking parishioners to call on their representatives to vote against the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act.

“We want to make sure that we a send a message to our elected officials that as a collective community and a collaborative, we will not allow you to speak in our churches, you will not be invited to our church when you’re running for office because we as a community are incensed,” said Bishop Lance Davis of New Zion Christian Fellowship Church.

It’s not entirely clear if the threat just entails speaking engagements or actually attending services, receiving Communion or other religious rites.

Senate Bill 10 has already cleared the state Senate and the House Executive Committee and is heading for a vote in the full House. Democratic Governor Pat Quinn has pledged to sign it if it reaches his desk.

So we’ve gotten to the point of not just punishing people for being gay, but punishing people for accepting gay people? Right-wing churches have used this ploy to attack politicians who support reproductive rights, but their claim was always that unborn lives were at stake. What’s the excuse now?

If these churches plan to actually ban pro-equality politicians from services, maybe their 501(c)3 nonprofit status should be rescinded.

Legal scholars, please weigh in!

h/t: LGBTQ Nation