Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox to Tell LGBTeens “It Gets… Oh, You’ve Heard It Already”

At this rate, we’re going to have the Kansas City Royals holding up cue cards with the words It… Gets… Better… To the point, no?

Following the lead of the S.F. Giant’s tepid “It Gets Better” video, the Chicago Cubs tweeted that they’ll be the second pro sports team to contribute to Dan Savage’s video series. And like a set of falling dominos, the Boston Red Sox announced in short order said they’d be the third team after receiving a petition started by a 12-year-old fan asking them to get with the times.

Free advice for the Cubs and Sox: Don’t follow the Giants lead by just throwing a few nervous players, some on the disabled list, to utter listless and generic lines. We want to see recognizable faces (the lovable David Ortiz anyone? Bring conservative pitcher Curt Schilling out of retirement?)

Oh, and it would be helpful to ask the players to actually memorize their lines instead of relying on a teleprompter. It might actually help to have the athletes tour of an actual local LGBT youth organizations and maybe even toss a ball around with the kids. Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but you might wanna make sure the guys carefully annunciate the  letters “L… G… B… T… teens” so we don’t sounds like a gibberish acronym. Thanks!

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  • Michael

    OMG! Would Queerty STFU??? Once again you guys manage to make the entire point of your article a bitchfest. WTF? You’re moaning and groaning STEREOTYPICALLY about an event that we should be reaping praise on and not finding some bullshite aspect to whine about.

    You guys are pathetic.

  • Michael

    May I just say, since Queerty is acting like the true fag it is, THANK YOU to the Cubs, the Red Sox and the Giants. Your help and support to gay youth is extremely appreciated. Please forgive the LGBT community if there are some of us who find something to bitcha bout when ALL of us should be saying thank you.

  • Michael

    Once again Queerty proving it is that snarky bitch in the corner. Why don’t you and Perez Hilton run off and degrade our community on a deserted island where no one can hear you?

  • Michelle

    Ugh. Oscar is the new Daniel. Your hate is so misguided. I would like to thank these teams for supporting our cause despite counter-productive jerks like Oscar Raymundo. While it is always nice to question motives and debate ways that we can move our cause forward, I would hope the writers here would be able to do that as adults. You know – with real thought processes and productive points of view. When Daniel also took the time to unnecessarily criticize the Giants and was deemed as inappropriate by many readers he said ” We owe it to ourselves to question and explore the larger issues behind such gestures.”

    I agree but apparently the writers here seem to think that that means attacking those setting out to help us. A more productive perspective might be to wonder, “What barriers are in place that discourage others from doing the same?” One of the answers to that question, is people like you and you inability to say thank you – or even to raise criticism in a respectful way.

  • MikeE

    Wow, both “Michael” and “Michelle”, huh?
    Kiss ass much guys?

    I happen to agree with this article.
    Sports franchises getting into half-hearted campaigns for gay rights is just stupid. They’re obviously doing it purely for self-promotion and very little will actually change within their organizations. Professional sports is, after the American political arena, the last bastion of institutionalized homophobia.

  • Michael

    @MikeE: Kiss ass??? Are you serious?

    You are pathetic. A few sports teams want to stand up for gay rights and all you can do is bitch about it.

    You make me ashamed to be gay. Thankfully not every gay man is a HUGE fag like you are.

    btw, if you want to talk about “kissing ass” you might want to check your own posting first since it’s obvious you’re sucking up to Queerty.

  • Art Smith

    What would members of a MLB team even know about being GLBT or being bullied and harassed?

    LOL I’m sure there are TONS of closeted and Down Low bisexual and gay male baseball players though. I know all about Billy Bean but he came out after he retired. Glen Burke apparently did come out as well but again this was after he had stopped playing MLB.

    I’m glad I’m not young, gay, and unsure about coming out since if I encountered people like Dan Savage I would want NOTHING to do with being a gay man since I’d think that because of them being a gay man means being a bigoted transphobic and biphobic, racist drama queen like Dan Savage is.

    People like Dan Savage who are a part of the GLBT community who feel the need to put down, spout hatred towards, and exclude our own members of the GLBT community who happen to be either bisexual or trans are hypocrites and lower than pond scum.

    No it’s not censorship to call a bigot like Savage out as what he is which is a bigoted hypocrite media whore, and to read a bitch and tell how Savage is a bigoted hypocrite while claiming to be for GLBT rights, sexual freedom and equality for all GLBT people.

    Dan Savage and other bigots can run their bigoted mouths off about how much they don’t like Trans people, bisexuals, people who happen to have HIV/AIDS, African Americans voters in the state of CA, or people who don’t have pure vanilla sex but we don’t have to listen to them or take them or what they say seriously, and calling them out as what they are-bigots-is not censorship at all.

    These people like Dan Savage who are gay yet hate Trans people and bisexuals, not to mention African American voters in the state of CA—have more in common with hate groups like Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist church, Maggie Gallagaher, and NOM than they do with groups that actually do good for GLBT people at large.

    Savage is not a spokesperson by default for gay men, GLBT people, or the “community”, and he’s OK on TV and podcasts since you can turn them off instead of listening to his mindless drivel. Media whores like him deserve to be ignored.

    Then there’s the fact that Savage does not actually give a rat’s a$$ about GLBT youth or teens-all while trashing bisexual adults and Transgender adults in his “advice” column and podcasts-but only started his whole “It gets better” project to self promote himself, get money/fame, and get a reality TV show on MTV.

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