Chicago Cubs ‘Will Look Into’ Vulgar Shirts Being Sold at Wrigley


When Queerty reader Rick heard about the nasty t-shirts being sold online (and in person) to Cubs anti-fans at Wrigley Field, he decided the folks who should know about this sort of thing are the Chicago Cubs themselves. So he wrote them. And they wrote back!

On Tuesday, Rick wrote the Cubs:

Hello, I walk past the park each day to get to work and I am confronted with a T-shirt that reads, “Green Gay Fudge Packers” I know that they are not official vendors for the Cubs but is there something you can do to make sure these shirts are not sold in or around the park? Below is a link to the story which is gaining national attention … Best, Rick Heintz

On Monday, the Cubs wrote back:

Your message was forwarded to our attention for response. Thank you for taking the time to write to the Cubs. While we have not seen the shirt you describe in your email, it is our understanding from your message the shirt is being sold outside Wrigley Field by an independent vendor. If you know who manufactured the shirt it would be helpful in being able to pass your concerns along. As far as we know, the Cubs are not involved in the manufacture or distribution of this shirt. We will look into the matter further on our end, though, so we can respond appropriately if possible.

The Cubs received notice Ald. Tunney is holding a meeting to discuss street peddlers and performers and a recently proposed ordinance which would address many of the concerns you have raised with the Cubs. We wanted to make you aware of the meeting so you could attend to share your views. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions. Once again, thank you for your interest in this issue and for your support.

Well, Cubs, allow us to bring you up to speed: The firm marketing the t-shirts calls itself Chi City Tees. And they’re being sold outside your stadium by this guy:


Go find him.