Chicago Gay Couple Ejected From Cab After Innocent Backseat Kiss

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 4.42.07 PMA gay couple in Chicago said they were nearly thrown out of a cab on the side of an expressway in torrential downpour after sharing what they claimed was “a peck” in the back seat. Good thing this driver doesn’t work the mean streets of New York City, because we know plenty of crafty city slickers that got away with much more than that…

While on their way home from Chicago O’Hare on Thursday night, Matt McCrea told CBS Chicago that his boyfriend Steven White “leaned over to look at something on the phone and then leaned in to kiss me.” The driver, who later told police the couple was “making sex,” claimed “it was a public mode of transportation and [they] shouldn’t kiss.”

Police arrived at the supermarket parking lot where the couple was eventually dropped off at 11:30 p.m., but there was no evidence of “sex making.” Just a prudish cab driver.

“He could have asked us to please don’t do that and handle the situation a lot differently than it was handled,” McCrea said. Although the couple plans to file a complaint with the taxi company, they seem pretty unscarred by the whole situation. The two were all smiles in the interview with CBS Chicago and even shared a “peck” in front of the news camera, a place where gay kisses are more than acceptable.