Chicago’s Cardinal George: If Gay Marriage Passes, “Society Will Be The Worse For It”

There must surely be ways in our civil society… where we can honor friendships, where we can respect other people, without destroying the nature of marriage. It is very important, for your whole lives, give witness to what marriage truly means. And while civil laws might change—if they do—then society will be the worse for it…

Marriage is what it is, what Jesus said from the beginning: Two in one flesh, for which man leaves his family and joins himself to his wife; and wife leaves her family, and joins herself to her husband.”

—Cardinal Francis George of Chicago during a Mass at Holy Name Cathedral celebrating the 50th wedding anniversaries of 400 couples. Apparently His Eminence missed the parts in the Old Testament where it discussed the multiple wives of Abraham, Jacob, Esau, Moses, Gideon, Saul, David and Solomon, among others.

Photo: Adam Bielawski

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  • 2eo

    Translation: “I, as a religious man wish to force my indoctrination on everyone irregardless of their opinions, moral standing and belief systems. Because only mine matters in ‘MURICA. Also pointing out bits of the bible that prove my interpretation of an idiotic book wrong even within my own chosen system is disgraceful and only something gay black devil muslim house prices tax scrounging illegal immigrants would do.”

  • Armando5908

    Blow me!

  • petensfo

    Big weekend, let’s review:
    Big Khurch Clown in WA releases video condemning Marriage Equality ahead of the vote
    on a ballot measure in that state.
    Papa Ratzi, releases a statement to France where lawmakers are about to make Marriage
    Equality legal.
    And now this turd in Chicago, again speaking for the Katholic Khurch Kulture, and
    pretending his maligning of gay couples is simply religious fervor and not plain old

    As another recently put it, How on earth do Jews remain Jewish, without banning
    Pork for the rest of us?!
    Dear, Katholic Khurch… please tend to your flock & leave the rest of us, ALONE!

  • jademist

    It is just delightful that some old UNMARRIED man, from a culture of clergy where diddling little boys has become a byword and a scandal, presumes to predict that society will crumble if gay marriage is accepted/tolerated.
    Gee, does he know the current pope had much to do with relocating/hiding offending pedophile priests, back in the day? That old *queen?* can hardly take a “MORAL HIGH GROUND,” if you ask me!
    As a gay Catholic, I am SICK TO DEATH of these hypocrites making my life a hell, all the while these men live high off the hog, without working up a sweat.
    I realize religion is an highly-charged and emotional issue, but it is time we grasped that “the better angels of our nature” would be served by our attending JUSTLY to the needs of our fellows and the Earth on which we ALL survive.
    Is that NOT pure religion as the Prophets (and St. James) define it?

  • yaoming

    Thank god(dess) we live in a country where the law isn’t determined by what Jesus says.

  • NormdePlume

    Well, in all fairness, if there’s any organization that knows a thing or ten about being a detriment to society, it would the Catholic Church.

  • Dwayne420

    Doesn’t he and the Pope have more child sex abusing priests to spend their time covering for? These hypocrites disgust me.

  • indiancowboy

    Well, the world is already in a bad state because catholicism is legal. You cardinals try to concentrate on remedy your own sins, some of which can’t really be made up for. Just last week it’s discovered that in Australia hundreds of children, if not thousands when counting is done, has been sexually abused by clergy in that country alone.

  • horace

    My doesn’t he look smug.

  • Ogre Magi

    @horace: His face looks like a skull


    Guys, he just another fucking Christian, that should be exterminated in cnsentration caps.

  • Bryguyf69

    Hey Cardinal George,
    Care to supply any evidence of this “harm” in countries that have had gay marriage? Or are you merely selling paranoia, much like the KKK did after emancipation and the segregationists did during the Black civil rights movement? Based on the studies I’ve read, not one societal ill can be causally linked to gay marriage in any country that has legalized gay marriage. And that includes the country we most resemble, Canada. Nor have US states that legalized such marriages experienced any problems. Indeed, New York has seen an economic boon from gay couples getting married, especially from out-of-state.

    So George, what is your evidence? As a secular nation, we govern from evidence and logic, not from religion and mythology. Perhaps you prefer living in theocracies like Iran…?

  • Rock Star

    This is for all you holier than thou Catholics out there from a fellow Catholic.

    The Catholic Church used to approve of same sex marriage, because Jesus NEVER said anything against gays getting married. PLUS, Jesus even personally approved of at least one gay union in the story of The Gay Roman Centurion.

    If you really claim to be a Christian you should read this, and tell your heretic friends they are going to Hell for condemning gays, which Jesus never did.

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