Chicago’s Gay School Chief Ron Huberman Quits Before New Mayor Steps In

Ron Huberman is leaving behind his $230,000-a-year job as head of Chicago’s schools on Nov. 29 (“to spend more time with family”), weeks before Mayor Richard Daley (who appointed him to the post) will be replaced by Rahm Emanuel, or whoever wins the mayoral election. The Chicago Tribune calls Huberman’s exit “anticipated” but his departure before the school semester ends comes as a surprise to some. The former police officer makes his exit before seeing to fruition some of his most ambitious projects in the troubled school district (and the nation’s third-largest), including a a $40 million anti-violence project. Then again he does ditch the gig before the real fun begins: The Chicago Teachers Union contract expires in June 2012, and Illinois is not a state that prohibits teachers from striking. Yikes.

[photo via Chicago Mag]