Chick-fil-A Chief Dan Cathy ‘Disappointed’ Business Community Has Fallen Out Of Love With Him

Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-A, is “disappointed” his presentation with the Clayton Chamber of Commerce and Focus St. Louis was canceled because of the company’s anti-gay support. The “decision was based on some inaccurate, really inaccurate information,” he says. “They could have called us to verify some of the comments that were made. But for some reason, they chose only to hear one perspective. And that is unfortunate.” Oh Dan, there you go confusing supporting anti-gay groups with what you believe to be an “open to everyone” position. And with Duke University “reviewing” its relationship with the restaurant chain, and students at North Carolina State University figuring out if they want to push the chicken bigots off campus, what excuse will Cathy find for why college kids suddenly don’t want to eat mor’ chikin? Probably because they’re being indoctrinated by academia’s radical lefties.

“We’re a restaurant that has a hospitality that says we’re here to embrace everyone who wants to come and be part of Chick-fil-A,” says Cathy after being canceled on. “We have a whole spectrum of team members that work with us who are part of the gay and lesbian community. They know as employees of Chick-fil-A that they are welcomed, they are embraced, and they are part of the Chick-fil-A family. So to be identified with some sort of hate group that has a political agenda — that is not Chick-fil-A at all.”

If only there was an easy way for Chick-fil-A to get back into the good graces of America’s gays. Oh, wait, there is: Stop affiliating yourselves with “some sort of hate group.”

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  • justiceontherocks

    It’s interesting that their “operators” like the people who gave to the anti-gay group in PA, only have to pay $5,000 to get a location. A MickeyD’s franchise can cost upwards of a million. They also give back a far higher percentage of the profits to the company than most franchise owners.

    All that looks fishy, but what’s really fishy is the claim that their “operators” are independent. That just does not seem to be true.

  • Cam

    The lament of the bigots “Why are you attacking us? Why are you trying to stifle our freedom?”

    Oh please, so what Chick Fillet employes a few gay people. It’s like a company run by a Klansman, that donates money to organizations that advocate for pre-civil rights racial divides claiming that they aren’t bigoted because the janitor at their factory is black.

    This company wanted to make their religion and their bigotry part of their company policy and yet are now complaining that other people are excersizing their freedom to avoid bigoted companies.

  • Shannon1981

    I am glad that it seems that,FINALLY, real harm is coming to them as a result of their bigoted connections. This is what happens when you mix politics and religion with business. If they had stuck to selling tasty heart disease to the masses, and left their personal feelings and agenda of out it, they wouldn’t be in this pickle.

  • DJ

    LOL I’m happy to hear that their suffering but at the same time I’m hoping that they don’t go out of business because I love Chic-Fil-A.

  • Shannon1981

    @DJ: I do hope they go out of business. Sorry, no self respecting gay person or ally should be eating there AT ALL at this point.

  • The sane Francis

    Interesting how when these bigots are called out on their actions they play the victim card and cry and whine about the position they put themselves in. Interesting in that, how pathetic can these people be? Oh well, this is the price one should pay for hate.

  • Michael Letterman

    Don’t worry Dan we’re working on a beautiful plaque thanking you for your continued support for our cause. We’re shouting it from the mountian tops and screaming it across the valleys. So if you think we’re not noticing, then we’re not doing our job right.

  • TMikel

    Well, I for one will never set foot in a Chik-fil-A restaurant again. There are enough fast food places so that one does not NEED to patronize this bigoted place. If they want support from everyone, they should not support hate groups. It is a simple matter when all is said and done.

  • dvlaries

    Oh geez, are we going to have to stage yet another sympathetic, cry-in for one more shunned and mistreated, well-heeled white Republican guy? It’s really getting out of hand! Nobody knows the troubles dey seen.

  • michael

    I am proud to say that I haven’t been to chick-fil-a ever since their last debacle. I had always considered their “anti-gay” status a rumor until I watched Dan’s video. Now I’ll never eat there again and I seriously went several times per week.

  • Philip

    They certainly have me “eating more chikken”.

  • Dude Man

    Like most straight men, I have a lot more tolerance, and even fascination, with carpet munchers than buttpluggers. But the food at CFA is awesome? The music–not so good!

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