Chick-fil-A More Popular Than Ever, America Eating Its Feelings And Morals

Chick-fil-A, despite being lambasted nationwide for president Dan Cathy’s vigorous anti-gay stance and the company’s history of donating to homophobic organizations, is not starving for any attention.

ABC News reports:

The number of people who said they visited Chick-fil-A in the “past month” increased 2.2 percent, according to a third quarter study by chain restaurant market research firm Sandelman & Associates’ Quick-Track study. The research firm conducts research for all major fast-food chains in U.S. media markets.

President of Sandelman & Associates, Jeff Davis, said the fowl flack ” brought Chick-fil-A to the forefront of peoples’ minds,” though he admits the chain’s increased popularity is unusual for a company with such negative publicity.

But as Chick-fil-A has demonstrated for ages, you simply can’t account for taste. And isn’t this really good news in disguise? All the people who support Chick-fil-A have clearly started eating a ton of it, which will lead to a future of clogged arteries and mobility restricted by moto-scooters.

Revenge, much like waffle fries, is a dish best served cold.