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Chick-Fil-A President Dan Cathy: We Will Also Donate Food To White Supremacists

Oh hey gurl, hey! It’s Chick-Fil-A president Dan Cathy, and he wants you to eat mor chikin! He’s here because some of you think the whole company is a giant homophobic institution just because one of its local, independently owned stores was going to donate food to the Pennsylvania Family Institute’s “Art of Marriage” conference. Which some of you think is anti-gay! (Ahem, it is.) “Recent events have called into question the principles of Chick-Fil-A,” says Cathy, before he attempts to assure you that giving food to a group for free is “not an endorsement of the mission, political stance, or motives of this or any other organization. Any suggestion otherwise is just inaccurate.” All this hubbub over the Pennsylvania situation is just “confusion” (although, Cathy notes, “marriage has long been a focus of Chick-Fil-A”). So all is good in the world again, right? Not even.

By giving food for free to an organization that actively discriminates against a certain class of people — let alone one that exists for the sole reason to cheerlead discrimination — Chick-Fil-A is, despite what Cathy insists, actively endorsing the mission of that group. Handing over some delicious chicken sandwiches to conference attendees says Chick-Fil-A wants this group to be a part of society and political discourse. That’s fine for your local PTA meeting and Little League team. It’s not fine for your average statewide bigoted group that works day and night to prohibit gays from enjoying the same rights as straights.

It’s as simple as that.

Because if Chick-Fil-A really made its decisions to give away food in a blind manner, and didn’t consider “the mission, political stance, or motives” of the groups it helped out, it would have no problem donating a few Chick-n-Strips and Chicken Nuggets to the next white power rally, or to Jared Loughner’s prison cell, or to the new conference I’m starting called Gays United Against Anti-Gay Groups. I would like 100 Spicy Chicken Sandwiches, please.

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  • tallest

    I think you need to rethink yer name for anti-anti-gay group. GUAAGG is not very catchy.

  • Andy

    Why can’t these bigots be honest? They hate fags, so why can’t they just fucking say it, especially when it’s so obvious?

  • justiceontherocks

    Translation: if you’re gay, we’ll happy to take your money and give it to whoever we damn well please.

    This guy is as sleazy as they come.

  • Cam

    I LOVE these people…they are as bigoted as Fred Phelps, they just don’t have the balls to admit it in public. At least the nausiating Westborough Baptist church is honest about their beliefs. These folks aren’t much different, they just smile more.

  • Adrian Acosta

    they could be anti-gay OR from a business point of view they could also have made the donation as a tax write off. not to mention the donation acts like a “sample sale,” to get future business from members of Pennsylvania Family Institute.

    lets see if a gay organization, such as the HRC, will ask for a similar notation from them in the future.
    looks like the ball is in our court.

  • codyj

    some franchises play christian music inside their stores?hmmm,and this dodo says all customers are treated with the UTMOST respect? sure ,thats IF your fundie orientated,and ANTI GAY…..KFC here i come,lol

  • ron

    So people and organizations aren’t allowed opinions that differ from the queers? Did this business ever pretend to want queers in their stores? They did nothing illegal or morally wrong.

  • GregorVonK

    He’s waaay too defensive. May have something to do with having been called “Cathy” all his life.

  • Sean

    So then does that mean that they will donate food to the next Gay Pride Event? I mean if they are saying we are full of it, call their bluff.

  • Pat Duffy

    One of the reasons I stopped being supportive with my time of our local aids org was things like having chikfila cater their lunches. Appearantly, they only saw the “Good Christian Values” (only one Gay on staff not receptionist or janitor) that fit their Southern Christian World-view.
    Ahhh, for the days when we hadn’t been kicked out of orgs we’d started…

  • Atomicrob

    Worried about the profits?

  • Charlie

    Strangely (haha) he can’t even make himself say who it is that was offended, namely gays.

  • Blackmattachine

    I do think the headline is a bit unfair, since Mr. Cathy said nothing of the kind. Since we are everywhere, let’s hear from gay employees and managers…are we talking about another Cracker Barrel here? Does anyone have a copy of their current diversity policy?

  • Nate

    This guy is a douche bag.
    And it sucks because I wanted to work at chick-fil-a for my fists job.

  • David

    This issue is not as simple as it would be if Chic fil a was a publicly traded company. I believe this is still a family owned company and the family is Christian and started the company to promote their “christian values” in a business setting. Its the same as if “Gaymart” here in boystown was chastised in the religious media for not catering to straits. They can donate to whomever they want. But we can chose to make people aware of these values…and chose NOT eat there. We don’t have any of these in Chicago-but I know they’re trying to get in here. So we have a mission to let people know. I’ve heard that HobbyLobby (?) is the same way…going so far as to not be open on Sunday and playing religious music in their stores.

  • mistercrispy

    All the “you don’t allow different opinion” bigots who post on these blogs make me laugh.

    You are welcome to your opinion. But the right to an opinion does not mean you have the right to immunity from criticism for the stupidity, inanity and bigotry of that opinion. You’re also allowed to have the opinion that black people are genetically inferior to white people. But don’t think for a moment that if you make such a ludicrous statement, and people berate you, criticize you and call you out, that somehow they are impugning you somehow and actively repressing your “opinion”.

    You morons! Have a nice day.

  • M

    @David: There’s one that openned up last year in Wheaton… And they’re spreading their deep-fried, bigoty goodness all over Yuptown by the truckload.

  • Shannon1981

    Can this man make no speech without mentioning marriages? And he cannot even stand to utter the word “gay.” Typical fundie.

  • David Myers

    @ron: You’re a bigot plain and simple – and proud of it. Otherwise you would not be gratuitously using the word “queer” – twice. You’re no different than those who post comments using the term nig*er!

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