Family Ties

Chief Justice Roberts’ Lesbian Cousin To Marry

Jean PodraskyJean Podrasky says she’s going to marry her partner now that the Supreme Court has struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. Nothing unusual there, but Podrasky is the openly lesbian cousin of Chief Justice John Roberts, who voted to uphold the anti-marriage measure.

Podrasky told Talking Points Memo that she realizes that her cousin has different politics than she. “I want to say I’m from a very, very big family — I have 12 cousins on both sides of the family,” she says. “I want to say that quite a bit of my family on that side are quite conservative and pretty Catholic. We have differences of opinions on many many things, but we are still family.”

Still Podrasky had hoped for a different outcome from her cousin based on the oral arguments in March, which she attended in person. “I was stunned he kind of went one way for us on one of the ruling, and the other way on the DOMA ruling,” she said. Roberts’ vote with the majority on the Proposition 8 ruling had special significance for Podrasky: since she lives in California, the ruling cleared the way for her marriage.

As for whether Roberts will be invited to Podrasky’s wedding to Grace Fasano, planned for next spring, Podrasky said it’s still up in the air. “I’m certainly inviting family [but] we don’t have our guests lists yet,” she said.

Photo Credit: Jean Podrasky’s Facebook page