Raising My Rainbow

Child Missing Their Left Arm or Homosexual? 7% Say, Who Needs a Limb?!

I’m full of questions, mostly unanswered questions. Always have been, always will be. My brother came out. Boom! Questions. I found out I was pregnant. Bam! Questions. C.J. started embracing his feminine side. Pow! Questions. Fergie showed up on American Idol with a different face. You guessed it. Questions.

So, I ask a lot of questions and I’m sure it makes those close to me crazy, though they are so sweet that they’d never say anything to my face. That’s part of why I started this blog, so that I could bother total strangers with my questions and be more far-reaching with my inquisitive annoyance.

Gratuitous survey image goes here.

Then, I was introduced to SurveyMonkey and decided to take my question-asking torment to a whole new level. I compiled a list of questions that I wanted answered. I created a survey and sent it out to people in a certain demographic: breeders with children under the age of 18 or in the family-planning stage of life. I also asked them to pass the survey on to people they know who fit the bill.

The results were interesting. Warning: I’m no mathematician, scientist or pollster. I’m much too right-brained for those professions. Any-who, I created the survey and use the results that have been automatically generated by SurveyMonkey. This is not a formal survey and any formal complaints can be sent elsewhere.

Survey says!

If homosexuality could be detected during pregnancy through routine blood work or ultrasound, 71 percent of people would want to know. What would they do with the knowledge of their child’s sexuality?

“I would do as much research as possible in order to become the most understanding parent there ever was.” — 3/31/11 1:19PM

“I wouldn’t keep it a secret but I certainly would be selective in who I told.” — 4/1/11 12:28AM

“I would make sure I had proper role models and an open dialogue with my child for when this materialized in puberty.” — 4/1/11 7:29AM

“I would only use it only as a tool for parenting my child. I would not share the info with anyone except my husband.” — 4/2/11 4:02AM

These people think that the survey was a-okay. Especially the one in back with pink arms.

If people had to choose to raise a lesbian or gay male, they were divided almost equally. One person did submit a request for a “Lipstick Lesbian,” so if you know where s/he can officially place that order, please let me know. If they had to choose to raise a straight tomboy girl or straight effeminate boy, they chose to raise the girl hands down, with not one person choosing to raise a straight effeminate boy. Most commenters cited that that seemed like the easier option.

86 percent of people would adopt a child knowing that s/he were homosexual and 43 percent would adopt a child knowing that s/he was transgender. Someone I admire for their honesty wrote:

“My wife and I were about to adopt and I would probably prefer not to adopt a homosexual or transgender child.” — 3/31/11 1:19PM

This lady didn’t take the survey. Instead, she stared as a blank, black computer screen and pretended to type.

43 percent of people would let their son wear a dress if he wanted to, but only at home. No one wanted their son to wear a dress in public. 93 percent would let their son play with dolls and about half would allow him to do so outside of the house.

“I have to admit if my older son, who’s 7, wanted to play with Barbie dolls, I would first try to encourage him to play with trucks. If he preferred Barbies, then I would absolutely let him.” — 3/31/11 1:19PM

No one thought that homosexuality was a choice, seven percent would feel sorry for a friend who had a homosexual child and seven percent would rather have a child missing his/her left arm than have a homosexual child. I hope their straight child is right-handed.