Children’s Book Takes On Gay Nups

Author Sarah S. Brannen can expect all sorts of conservative backlash – and all the free publicity that goes with it:

Uncle Bobby’s Wedding, by Sarah S. Brannen, is the tale of a girl and her favorite uncle.

Life is good until the day Mama throws a family picnic and Uncle Bobby announces that he and his friend Jamie are getting married. Everyone is excited except Chloe.

She tells her mother, “Bobby is my special uncle. I don’t want him to get married.”

“Uncle Bobby’s Wedding” never specifically focuses on the same-sex aspect of the wedding. It’s clear; the grooms wear tuxedos. But Chloe simply is worried about losing her uncle’s attention, not about him marrying a guy.

When children pick up a book and see a family that reflects theirs, it’s got to be comforting. Especially when so many of the families around them don’t seem to.

And when the book doesn’t make a big deal about what can make them feel so different, it’s even better.

And, of course, Bobby and company are some sort of gerbil-esque creature, the gayest member of the rodent family!