Children’s Services Investigating Alleged Abuses At Group Home For LGBT Teens

City Limits has a worrisome piece on the Gramercy Residence at Ungar House, a group home in Manhattan for queer runaways, now under investigation by the city’s Administration for Children’s Services.

Operated by Green Chimneys, the Gramercy Residence is tasked with offering year-round housing, meals and care to LGBT youths ages 16-20. But now current and former residents say staffers there have used excessive force, mismanaged residents’ finances and engaged in sexual misconduct.

In a statement a representative from Green Chimneys said:

“We take all allegations very seriously and have done a careful investigation into the recent claims. We have a consistently strong record of service and a long history of providing care and support to our residents. Our fully trained staff follow all agency and program policies and procedures, which serve to maintain a safe and supportive environment for our youth, and we immediately address any reported issues as mandated by the City and State agencies to which we are accountable.”

Photo: Green Chimneys

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  • QJ201

    This has been going on for years. Thanks to cell phone video…now out in the open. I knoew a kid that lived there very briefly…over 10 years ago…and made the same complaints. What they are not saying…is that many of these kids have behavioral problems on top of being LGBT and there aren’t enough resources or appropriately trained staff to deal with those problems.

  • MJ

    so for some, it’s a walk out of the frying pan, and into the fire

  • Sensible

    It is interesting how Queerty has such a “straight” head on this issue, ( and it does deserve praise for it) in terms of condemning a case of sexual assault and not coming up with weird theories justifying the crime just because a gay man happens to be the perpetrator.

    However, in just another article, reported along with this one, gay black children were being targeted in a so called LGBTQ home and interestingly there is not a single word of condemnation!!

    Queerty has once again proved that it isfree of a gay agenda except the white one.

  • MJ

    @Sensible: It’s really disturbing to point where you wonder “do the racial minorities in the gay community have anyone on their side? it’s bad enough to be turned and harassed by people in your own race but to be also by others who are like you in terms of sexuality is disappointing. it’s a joke for you to see posts with that show anti-gay black people get 20 comments (if not more) within 1-2 hours but this gets nothing. only 4 after nearly a day? these are our LGBT youth we’re talking about here. hell I’m still one of them. turned 21 a month ago. I’m lucky that I have not went through this at all. but some of the older men here, regardless of race have went through being kicked out, their family and shunned by their friends and having little to nothing to their name and no one and nowhere to turn to. so I expected better from grown men, but I guess I was wrong. nothing against the person who reported it, but the people who comment should be ashamed of themselves and call them selves fighting for gay rights.

  • Oh, ok

    Many of the commenters also claimed Don Belton attempted to rape the white man he was dating who ended up murdering him. Queerty never even bothered to do a follow up story of the trial, the outcome, and didn’t call the murderer “Douche of the Week”.

    So it’s safe to say there are a lot of ra cists posting around here, though they think being ra cist only means spewing slurs and saying you don’t like black people.

    And the fact that Queerty filtered the word ra cist really shows where they stand.

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