Child’s Play

Project Runway winner Christian Siriano will hand out “Fierce Fashion Awards” at Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards.

The network’s so thrilled that supervising producer Ryan Patterson has started talking in Siriano speak:

Christian is fierce, fabulous and ferosh and he is a pop culture catchphrase machine. He also really knows fashion – he’s a style stud who will standout on the carpet with his one-of-a-kind hairdo and electric personality and most importantly, he’ll be able to spot out whose fashion is a ‘hot mess’ and whose fashion is ‘fierce.’

Alright, Siriano, we love you, but your pop culture presence has now officially neutered “fierce”. Can you please come up with a new catch phrase and spare America’s children a dark future of meaningless fierceness?

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  • DG

    OK, I am (or maybe was) a huge fan of Christian on PR, but he is perilously close to crossing into jump-the-shark territory. He’s popping up EVERYWHERE. Every talk show, every Bravo franchise, last night on Make Me Supermodel and now this? Christian, honey, enough. You’re going to wear out your 15 minutes in about 15 not so fierce seconds if you aren’t careful.

  • Jonathan

    I think Chritian Siriano is not only a fashion genius, but a true wordsmith and nothing about him suggests he’d ever allow himself become a dessicated caricature of himself like another fashion genius he’s been aptly compared to — Marc Jacobs.

  • Ben

    Mr. Marc Jacobs probably invented a larger part of your personal style than you’d care to realize so if he wants to pretend to be a Caten triplet for a little while than who are you to scoff?

  • Anarchos

    one-of-a-kind hairdo? No not really.

  • logan767

    the words fierce and hot mess have been floating around new york for years now – people act like christian just made these up! anyway, i think he’s a great designer – wish him well – but im amazed at how the media can spin something that’s actually quite old into a new sensation.

  • Darth Paul

    I’m sick to the max w/him already. NEXT!

  • HL

    @DG: I imagine him showing up all over Bravo is in his contract. But I get what you are saying. I mean, do 12 year old watching Nickelodeon care about Christian?

  • Woof

    Did you really say “sick to the max”? Speaking of out dated sayings…i’m just saying.

  • Ken

    I think Christian is very talented, and I certainly enjoyed him on the show. But he always struck me as “provincial gay,” tossing around phrases that New York gays had tossed out 7 years ago.

  • ben

    spot on ken, I was about to say that 13 year old gays in New Brunswick say fierce, or at least, they did 7 years ago when I last checked

  • jeff

    didn’t Rupaul say that in the ’90s. An excerpt of his “supermodel” lyrics:

    “linda=work mama ! naomi=she is fierce ! christy=foxy lady out of sight
    cindy=i can feel it ! claudia=sell the garment ! nikki=work the runway, sweetie ”

    Anyway… I don’t care if he uses that phrase… I love that phrase. I’m just getting sick of him. And he’s over-rated IMHO. I find him a little costumey.

  • akaison

    I hate his work, but that’s me.

  • sam

    We’re taking over Nickelodeon!

    Score one for the Gay Agenda.

  • Dan

    @ HL: Are you kidding me? His entire fanbase is comprised of 12-year-olds. Take a look at his MySpace… it’s basically 20,000 tweenagers telling him how “fierce and fabulous” he is.

    He’s a perfect fit to do a Nickelodeon event… he’s gay, but he’s completely asexual, non-threatening, and looks like he’s 8 years old. The kids will eat him up.

  • fredo777

    Yeah, Christian is cool + all, but he didn’t exactly make up “hot mess” or “fierce”.

    I liked him on Make Me A Supermodel last night, too. A couple of his quips were quite funny, like when he told Ben he “really should” slap his ass at the end of the catwalk like he had done in practice. Then, quickly came back with “no, no don’t do that” w/ a serious mug. Great timing.

  • James

    Whether or not Christian is original or revolutionary is besides the point… how great will it be for those 12 and 13 year old Nick fans to get to see a proudly out gay man portrayed in as a cool, admirable person!! Can you imagine such a thing happening 10 years ago?! the closest thing we got was a closeted Rosie O’Donnell!

  • CitizenGeek

    I love Christian Siriano! He’s awesome … I mean, he’s ferosh and fiere!

  • Wolfie

    Isn’t his 15 Minutes up yet?

    BTW he should have been voted out in Episode 5 but they pulled a Santino and kept him on for effect thus sending Kot home when Chriatians piece was obviously worse.

  • Jonathan

    Give me a f’in break — he’s not a scuzzy-looking, druggy, whorish queer — he’s a talented artist who should be embraced proudly by the gay community as a role model for aspiring gay youth everywhere!!

  • One Fine Gay

    14:59 and counting

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