If Only It Had Been A 13-Year Old Girl...

Chilean Queer Jailed For Consensual Sex

Sodomy laws stink. Slanted against anal sex – or sometimes oral – these pieces of legislative loathing unfairly punish gay men for getting off.

A little ass action and your ass can be in jail, as happened to a 47-year old Chilean queer.

The man, whose name has not be released, got nabbed in April after police caught him carousing with a 17-year old boy. Though the boy testified to the tryst’s consensual nature – and was 12-days short of his 18th birthday – a judge sentenced the elder to 41 days in jail. Prosecutors were hoping for 541.

Chile’s Movement for Homosexual Integration and Freedom blasted the decision, saying,

We object to the fact that young people and couples are being qualified as criminals solely because of their sexual orientation. That is a serious human rights violation.

One of the biggest issues, they say, are imbalances in age of consent laws. Gay sex is consensual at eighteen, while straights get the ‘A-Ok’ at twelve. Obviously Chile’s got no problem with pedophiles.