Skinheads Infiltrate Website

Chilean Queers Suffer Virtual Attack

Some Chilean skinheads took their anti-gay crusade to cyberspace yesterday. The homo-haters hacked the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Freedom‘s website and replaced their headlining banner with their bald heads. Washington Times spreads the word:

Calling itself the “Skinheads from Pitana,” the supremacy group allegedly removed from the gay right’s Web site a banner featuring actors supporting the group known as the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Freedom, or MOVILH, the Santiago Times reported Wednesday. In its place, the hackers pasted a large picture of skinheads.

“In addition, they altered the site’s monthly survey to include rude, sexual questions,” said MOVLIH activist Juan Hernandez. “In a lot of areas they also wrote things about how MOVILH defends ‘sexual aberrations’ and supports people who are ‘disgustingly’ homosexual.”

Hernandez also told reporters that this is the third attack on the gay group’s website. Perhaps they should consider getting a virtual security guard.