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China Might Actually Love Its Gays. We’ve Got a Conspiracy Theory Why


Aren’t Communist regimes supposed to hate the gays? Not in China! There, gay sex has been legal for over a decade! Being gay hasn’t been defined as “crazy” since 2001! Gay relationships barely draw attention! And the whole place is starting to look a bit more progressive than — dare we say it? — America! And, WTF is this? The state-controlled media applauded Shanghai’s first-ever gay pride celebration? The country is starting to look so gay-friendly, it has some calling for everyone to acknowledge all that China has done for gay rights.

Sure, the Chinese government may have a policy on gays called the Three Nos (no approval, no disapproval, and no promotion), but its decision to allow the gay community to grow and even thrive is surprising coming from a nation that is more regularly associated with human rights abuses like torture and wrongful imprisonment. (Hey, just like the U.S.!)


But we’re not entirely on board with the theory that China just wants its citizens to be happy and prosper. Cynics that we are, we suspect ulterior motives! (Especially since it wasn’t so long ago the picture was less rosy.) Such as: China loves to be able to throw things back in the faces of critics.

While Sec. of State Hillary Clinton‘s visit to China this year didn’t include mention of human rights abuses, the U.S. State Department’s new profile of China claimed the injustices are increasing. So what did China do in response? It released its own list of human rights abuses America is responsible for. (Nine thousand words later, we learn violent crime, personality disorders among young people, and a lack of economic and culture rights are all abuses the federal government is responsible for.)

Which has us thinking: Whenever the U.S. gets around to criticizing China again, Beijing can point to how openly and freely its gays live, while in the U.S. we pass legislation to steal their rights away and keep them as second-class citizens. Bada-bing!

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