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China’s hottest boy band has a secret

Hello!We are Acrush!Glad to see you here! Thank you very much for your attention!

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This is Acrush, the hottest new boy band in China — and they’re already making the ladies pine and swoon.

But they have one not particularly well-kept secret: They’re not actually boys at all.

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As Quartz reports, the band consists of five twenty-something women who dress as your standard teen heartthrobs: floppy flannels, bulky leather coats, skinny ties.


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Though they haven’t even debuted their first video yet — that happens at the end of April — Acrush has already seduced 900,000 followers on their Weibo page. (Weibo is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.)

Zhou Xiaobai, the band’s press agent, describes Acrush as “a group advocating freedom, not bounded by frames.”

Female fans are already calling band members “husbands,” a term usually reserved for male celebs like Justin Beiber.

You can learn more about Acrush by reading the in-depth article on Quartz