Chinese Uni Loves The Homos

While Senator Erpenbach’s working to make some changes in Wisconsin, China’s communist government continues to make homo-headlines.

You may recall that the Chinese government just opened the nation’s first HIV clinic. Now, it’s given its omnipotent seal of approval on southern China’s Sun Yat Sen University’s decision to allow a queer student’s group.

Not surprisingly, homosexuality doesn’t jive with communism’s collective spirit. In fact, the government’s worked in the past to purge the homos from their society, particularly from the the universities. While it may seem that the country’s on its way to becoming more gay friendly, officials are downplaying the sexual aspects and empowerment of the new group. Instead, they’re highlighting the educational merits of gender studies.
One official insists:

They are a group of students who would like to study and learn more about gay and lesbian issues…In the past there have been informal gay and lesbian centred groups at universities. But this is the first time that a university was actually officially was given approval of such a group.

It’s hard to say whether or not the university’s decision will lead to more official gay groups across the country. It seems unlikely the country will see a pink revolution, although the new group’s certainly a step in the right direction.

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