Chippendales Dancer Has Gay ‘Instinct’

Out isn’t the only fag rag with summer on its mind. Instinct magazine’s February issue gets wet and moderately wild with the first openly gay Chippendale’s dancer, Brandon Pereyda.

From the titillating press release:

Instinct travels to Sin City for its February swimsuit issue cover story on aerialist Brandon Pereyda, the first openly-gay performer in the world famous Chippendales troupe. Instinct editor Mike Wood spent a weekend following 23-year-old Pereyda around Vegas to find out what it’s like to be the lone “out” member of the shirtless, bow-tie-wearing institution – and how he feels about performing in front of countless screaming women each night!

“I guess it is monumental for this company,” Pereyda notes. “Chippendales guys are often pegged as being gay. And they’re not. And I think this will clear the slate.” He continues, “They’re all straight, but we would do anything for each other and that’s what I really love about working here. They don’t view my be gay as a negative thing at all.”

Duh! Doesn’t everyone know that strippers – sorry, exotic dancers – are the most progressive population? It’s a totally unproven fact.