Chloe Alexander Moore Pepper Sprayed The Man Who Trans-Bashed Her. He Happens To Be A Cop

Chloe Alexander Moore, a 25-year-old D.C.-area trans woman, was arrested last week for discharging her pepper spray into the face of a man who verbally and physically assaulted her in the early morning hours. Oh, the man was an off-duty police officer? And he might be the one who’s at fault?

Raphael Radon is under investigation by Internal Affairs for allegedly instigating the assault on Moore (not pictured), reports the Washington Blade. Moore, who is charged with simple assault, pleaded not guilty. And from her account — which appears to be backed up by classified reports, which include witness statements, leaked to the Blade — it sounds like she isn’t.

Moore told the Blade the incident began when she and a female transgender friend were walking along the 1500 block of K St., N.W., and crossed paths with the man later identified as Officer Radon. Moore said Radon was with two friends, a man and a woman. “We didn’t have a lighter and we see a gentleman who had a cigarette lit,” Moore said. “My friend goes and asks for a light and he said, ‘Hey ladies, how you doing?’ And we said we’re doing fine.”

According to Moore, as Radon got closer to the two he realized they were transgender. “He was like, ‘I’m not going to give you a light because you’re a man,’” said Moore, who added that Radon suddenly became hostile and began making disparaging comments about her appearance, especially the dress she was wearing. “He said he could see my dick and my balls. And he was very hostile and angry and I was afraid of what he would do and then he pushed me,” Moore said. “Not knowing if he was going to really hurt me I got real scared and in self-defense I pepper sprayed him.”

Moore said she immediately ran from the scene, with Radon chasing after her for nearly two blocks. “He grabbed the back of my neck and he throws me on the ground,” Moore said. “My midsection was on the curb and he puts his knee in my back real hard, and it caused a lot of pain.” It was at that time, according to Moore, that Radon pulled out his badge and identified himself to her as a police officer. Within seconds, she said, uniformed, on-duty police officers appeared on the scene. Minutes later she said she was placed in handcuffs and a short time later placed inside a police car. “We stayed out there about three hours after it occurred, waiting to see what was going to happen,” said Moore. “The police were talking among themselves and trying to make up their minds what they were going to do.”

Radon’s version goes like this:

The report gives Officer Radon’s account of what happened, saying he told an officer responding to the scene that he was approached by “two transgenders who engaged him and [Witness 1] and [Witness 2] in conversation.” According to the report, Radon said the two transgender women asked him for a cigarette light and then asked him where he was going. “It’s unclear which witness pointed across the street to a club,” the report says. “[Moore] then stated, ‘We have everything better than where you’re going for $10,” the report said Radon told officers at the scene.

“Officer Radon then told [Moore], ‘No thank you, I am not into guys.” “And told [Moore] ‘You don’t know who you’re talking to,’” the report says. “[Moore] then pulled out a can of pepper spray and sprayed Officer Radon in the face. Officer Radon then pulled out his MPDC credentials at which time [Moore] ran [eastbound] on K Street,” the report says. “Officer Radon gave foot pursuit and then an apprehension was made in the 1400 block of K Street. Both Witness 1 and Witness 2 collaborated [Radon’s] statements,” the report says.

We can already see how this is going to play out: Radon’s attorneys will try to discredit Moore, who was arrested last month on prostitution charges (that she’s contesting) in an area known for its trans sex workers. Radon will also enjoy some level of protection from his boys in blue. But statements from witnesses will certainly have the most damning effect on Radon’s version of events. So let’s expect an administrative slap on the wrist, some desk duty for a few weeks, and Moore’s earlier prostitution charges dismissed so this all goes away.

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  • Daez

    So, basically, a whore pepper sprays a cop and then makes up a lie about it. Of course, we have to believe said whore (even though she has a history of being a whore) simply because she is transgendered. Then we wonder why the LGBTQ community ends up getting such a bad reputation.

  • Paul

    So, basically, a cop fag bashes a ‘tranny’ and then makes up a lie about it. Of course we have D.C’s self hating gays wanting to distance themselves from it. Then we wonder why the community as a whole doesn’t support LGBTQ issues, when our community won’t support our own.

  • Michael C

    Hey moran, what does being a whore have to do with someone’s veracity? Whores are much more likely to tell the truth than a cop.

  • Sadbuttrue

    Um, no? Sex workers try to stay out of the way of police officers. They certainly don’t walk up to random people and pepper spray them.

    In the police’s bullshit version of the events, he pulled out his ID after he was sprayed. In the girl’s version of events, he identified himself after he’d attacked her and chased her down two blocks.

    1) She isn’t a convicted prostitute, to your knowledge. In our society, people are innocent until proven guilty. She’s pending charges, which she’s fighting.

    2) Even if she was a convicted prostitute–shoving someone because they asked you for a cigarette and that person happens to be transgendered–doesn’t qualify as a defense for assault.

    “Then we wonder why the LGBTQ community ends up getting such a bad reputation.”

    Victims of abuse are far more likely to become sex workers, and the statistics on abuse of the transgendered is well documented. Trying to fix an endemic problem from the end-result–the abused victims–rather than by working to change the environment that PRODUCES victims–makes *zero* sense. Pure ignorance, and appalling post.

    What’s that? Ignorance and blame-the-victim layperson speech? From an LGBTQ-person? “Then we wonder why the LGBTQ community ends up getting such a bad reputation!”

  • j

    @Sadbuttrue: Couldn’t have said it better myself, well done! Daez, the way you a) assume this woman is guilty of (a victimless one I may add if its properly regulated) a crime before shes been proven guilty and then continue to dehumanize her because of it is disgusting. And all because you think that she makes you less palatable to straight people! Crawl back to them then; we’re better off without you.

  • Jeffree

    @Daez: Bitter and uninformed is no way to go through life. In every post you write you appear NOT to have read or understood the article, and go on to spew your “agenda” of the day.

    A course in reading comprehension might do you a world of good.

    — — —
    I hope that the reports by the witnesses will shed light on what really happened. Whether or not Ms. Moore is a sex-worker should be irrelevant, because there appears to have been no proposition, Asking someone for a light isn’t automatically an offer to date!

  • Sid

    The part where the police had a long chat amongst themselves after the incident but before any report was filed? That’s when justice left the building. From the sound of things, ego got in the way of the correct course of action, which was probably just letting everyone go home.

  • Wyatt

    I couldn’t see a prostitute coming up to a group of people and offering themselves. That seems a little farfetched. Why is it that people always go to the “She was coming onto me” trans defense? It’s pretty much a tell that they’re lying.

  • T

    The cops who responded to the scene clearly believed Moore and not Radon. The arresting officer very specifically noted that he was ordered to arrest Moore by the watch commander indicating that absent that order he wouldn’t have done it.

  • jacknasty

    “Raphael Radon is under investigation by Internal Affairs for allegedly instigating the assault on Moore (not pictured), reports the Washington Blade. Moore, who is charged with simple assault, pleaded not guilty. And from her account — which appears to be backed up by classified reports, which include witness statements, leaked to the Blade — it sounds like she isn’t.”

    What does that even mean?!?!? Honestly who writes/edits this? it sounds like she isn’t…what exactly? isn’t not guilty? isn’t guilty? isn’t charged? isn’t transgendered? what are you trying to say?

  • jacknasty

    it says both of the witnesses involved collaborated the cop’s story, not the trans woman’s story. To me that make sound like the cop is the one telling the truth. I could really see this going either way, there are tons of jerk cops out there but there are also lots of feisty and hot-headed trans sexworkers in the world too. And there are tons of honest cops and tons of mild mannered trans women.

    I wish it explained who the witnesses were. If they just happened to be other people who were there and didn’t know the cop before this incident I’d believe their testimony that the cop was telling the truth.

  • Allen Drake

    It’s so easy to stereotype cops as being white, heterosexual, homophobic racists. It’s really starting to piss me off. I’m currently in the police academy, as an “out” gay man. I’ve also made friends with all of my straight counterparts. Just because someone’s a cop doesn’t mean that they’re full of shit in these situations.

  • scott ny'er

    @Allen Drake: great. hopefully you can be one of the new crop to instigate change. But, and I’m not trying to lessen your accomplishments, you are still a new recruit and have yet to experience stuff. Sadly, I think you’re eyes will become wide open after several years.

  • Daez

    @Paul: Believe what you want. I’m willing to bet you are more self-hating than I am. I’m not the one trying to promote an abnormal lifestyle (BEING A WHORE) just because it coincides with a completely normal lifestyle (being transgendered).

    Unless you have evidence, don’t start bitching about how all cops lie about everything. In order to believe this chicks story you have to believe an unblemished officer and two witnesses are lying and that the transgendered person (who has a record which includes an arrest for prostitution) is telling the truth.

    The only thing you have for that rational basis is that “all cops hate transgendered people, he was a cop, so he must hate transgendered people.” Since I can assure you that the officer that stands guard and my gay inclusive church every Sunday is more gay than homophobic, I have just proved your argument a complete fallacy.

  • Daez

    @Sadbuttrue: The victim is to blame for their actions. The argument that we should excuse the behavior because the person was victimized does more to insult true victims than the argument to the contrary.

    Unless you can show a direct link between victimization and behavior you can’t even remotely try to “forgive” the victim just because bad stuff happened.

    There are plenty of children that get beaten, molested, raped and verbally abused. If every single of them grew up to be transgendered prostitutes propositioning cops on the street then you might have an actual point.

  • Daez

    @j: I’m not transgendered. I’m gay. Transgendered has nothing to do with being gay. I’m sorry I struck a nerve, but the vast majority of the gay community already turned its back on transgendered people. The LGBTQ cooperation bull shit really is much more of a myth than a reality.

    I have no desire to appeal to straight people. I’m perfectly open and out. I have no secrets. However, the facts just speak in this case.

    The way you attack an upstanding officer of the law with absolutely no proof SIMPLY BECAUSE HIS “VICTIM” IS TRANSGENDERED IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE.

    Not all cops are bad, mmmkay!

  • Daez

    @Jeffree: You are the one that needs reading comprehension bro. Its more evidenced by the fact that you then go on to make my own argument.

    The ONLY reason anyone is inclined to believe this “alleged” whore is because she is transgendered. If she wasn’t transgendered you would have absolutely no argument to make.

    There is absolutely no light on this story at all, but you believe that she must be in the clear simply because she is transgendered.

    Your argument basically comes down to this:

    All cops spend all day and night trying to harass transgendered people and no transgendered person has ever propositioned an officer of the court for a money for sex transaction.

  • Jeffree

    @Daez: How did you read any of those any assumptions into my post? What comment of mine leads you to be able to infer my attitudes toward transgender people, the cop or Ms. Moore?

    I was neither defending or blaming the police officer nor the defendant. Perhaps you confused me with another person posting here?

    In addition to a class on reading comprehension, I’ll recommend ones on thinking skills, the judicial system, and rhetoric. Good luck to you as you further your education. The GED will be a great first step for you.

  • Daez


    I hope that the reports by the witnesses will shed light on what really happened. Whether or not Ms. Moore is a sex-worker should be irrelevant, because there appears to have been no proposition, Asking someone for a light isn’t automatically an offer to date!


    Hmm, you rehash her side of the story while totally disregarding his yet you claim…

    I was neither defending or blaming the police officer nor the defendant

    Hmm, it seems like I’m not the one that needs reading comprehension since you can’t even keep your thoughts straight between two posts.


    Thank you for your recommendations. I will take them in stride, much as you will take in stride my recommendation to not be a condescending ass at every turn. I mean, seriously, when people think gay people and think about you it does a disservice to others out there that actually have manners and tact.

  • Missanthrope


    Wow, you’re either a sadist or a troll. Probably both.

    It’s funny that you accuse people of treating the police officer unfairly when you want to do everything humanly possible to punish the woman just because you ASSUME she’s a sex worker while assuming that the cop is an “upstanding officer of the law”. You’re basically arguing the same logical fallacies that you accuse others of committing.

  • Ken S

    @Daez: You know, no matter how much you suck up to hetero orthodoxy, if the backwards motherfuckers who hate gays ever get their way it won’t matter how cleverly you aped their behaviour or parroted their lectures about ‘values and morality.’ If you have a dick and you like dick, they’ll line you up against the very same bullet-and-blood-riddled wall with all the other ‘perverts’ and trannies and queers you’ve derided. Your Vichy complicity with their bullying won’t count for crap because to them you’re just as “sick” and unnatural as any other degenerate faggot.

    Oh, you might get to work and sleep in the house for now, instead of picking cotton in the fields, but you’re still ‘less than’ in their eyes. And you’re deluded if you think otherwise. They aren’t your friends. They’ll hold you up as their well-behaved “house fag” in order to advance their ideology- that there’s only one way to be ‘good,’ that they have a monopoly on it, and that everyone *could* conform to it if only they’d combat their ‘sinful’ natures- but give them hegemony and the bar separating the virtuous from the vile will shift so fast it’ll take your head off.

    You might want to think about that before you obediently ream out their (up)tight, squeaky-clean assholes any further.

  • Neil
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  • jojo

    Radon is a nice guy… he is my best friend….PIMP

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