Chloe and Jeffrey, Sitting in a Tree…


We gave up on Paper Magazine a long time ago, so we were shocked when we found ourselves navigating over their way. We were even more astounded when we actually discovered something worth reading: an interview between downtown icon and actress Chloe Sevigny and art baron Jeffrey Deitch.

In it, the dynamic duo chat about HBO’s Big Love, being part of a scene, and ambition. Basically, it’s a bunch of self-important lauding, but that’s alright. Chloe may be a pompous, Lower East Side fashionista snot, but we still love her.

It’s a lengthy piece – well, at least compared to our ramblings – so we suggest you attempt it in chunks. Can’t have you away from us for too long, now can we?

Chloe Sevigny’s Big Love for Downtown [Paper Magazine]