Chloe Wins Project Runway–And Our Hearts

Project Runway Chloe Showing a collection of fashion-forward couture dresses, made of rich fabrics in golds, hot pinks and an occasional splash of her trademark blue, Chloe bested strong collections from her competitors Santino and Daniel V, with expert tailoring, wise style choices, and a wink at that mod aesthetic we love so much. Check any high-end department store, they’re filled with clothes that look just like Chloe’s. We promise. She’s a smart lady.

The episode could have featured more of the runway show itself, instead of endless scenes of sleep-deprived desingers furiously putting the final touches on their garments, but such critiques are moot. As desingers, both Santino and Daniel V are sure to soar; as the winner of Project Runway, and an apprentice at Banana Republic, it is the “form follows function” mindset of Chloe that assured her as the perfect choice. In hindsight, we are most pleased with the outcome.

We can’t wait until Season 3. And we predict Tim Gunn will have his own show within the year.