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What does your choice of wedding band say about you & the love of your life?

Shane Co. Wedding Rings

Hip-hugging designer jeans, shiny Prada shoes, your snazzy Apple Watch band–gay guys do make fashion statements, whether the style is rainbow flamboyant or more traditional.

Since marriage equality became the law of the land on July 26, 2015, we’ve seen more products aimed at same-sex nuptials, and that’s a good thing. Having been denied for so long, we were bursting at the seams to honor our relationships and our families. Even for those of us who are contentedly single, the dream of diamonds, puppies and white picket fences lives on is the recesses of our imaginations.

And that brings us to jewelry. Why should your wedding ring be any different?

Fortunately, Shane Co. has developed a lovely line of wedding bands aimed specifically at our market that allows you to express yourself.

Sure, the primary purpose of that fourth-finger band is to signify your commitment, but it also says something about who you are as a couple (and as individuals).

Whether you’ve finally found Mr. Right and are ready to take the plunge, or you’re Still Looking And Love To Dream, here are six major ring styles that announce to the world your own personal style.

Meteorite Bands

Meteorite Shane Co.

The ultimate conversation piece, meteorite is the only precious metal that doesn’t come from this planet. The combination of metals in these rings—iron, nickel, and cobalt—come from what are called Gibeon meteorites, broken asteroid fragments dating from about 4 billion years ago. Great for stargazers, fans of space travels, sci-fi geeks, or those who simply consider themselves out of this world. When you grow up outside the status quo, the last thing you want is ordinary.

Damascus Steel

Shane Co. DamascusSteel

Most of us have survived more than our share of bumps in the road to realizing own chosen friends and families. But our struggles have only made us stronger. So take a look at Damascus Steel, the ancient metal used to fashion the strongest swords in history. Also known as Wootz (we just love that word), it’s made by melting pieces of iron and steel with charcoal, then cooling the alloy. This produces the striated patterns that make it famous, and which guarantee that no two pieces are ever alike.


Shane Co. Titanium

Say “titanium” and everyone thinks “strong.” Are you the couple who’s always got a spare bed to offer, a ready bottle of red, Madonna as your Spotify, and a hug to share when a friend is in need? Titanium might be your spirit metal: lustrous, generous, strong, and able to make light out of the darkness. And when you pair it with a hammered finish, red carbon fiber accents, or blue ionic plating (as shown above), the results are unforgettable.


Shane Co. Platinum

Modern but practical, classy but strong, platinum says you’ve found the best of both worlds. Whether you choose a classic or satin finish, complemented by diamonds, rose gold, or milgrain, platinum announces to the world that the relationship you share is a real rarity. Plus, it matches the blond in your hair on your wedding night.

Yellow and White Gold

Shane Co. Gold

We are known for breaking rules, but traditional is not always wrong. You know quality when you see it, whether in a piece of jewelry or the beauty of your lifelong mate. Gold bands are versatile, classic, and as precious as they come. In lustrous yellow or shiny white—or some striking combination of the two—nothing says “taken” like gold.


Shane Co. Diamonds

You think the hottest Bond is Sean Connery and your fiance swears it’s Daniel Craig, but you both agree on one thing: Diamonds are forever. They reflect rainbows. They celebrate. They come in a nearly infinite variety of cuts, colors, carats, and clarity. Channel-set, pave-set, or lined up in a row of identical baguettes, diamonds say you two are the life of the party.

Wear them with suits, sweats, or nothing at all.

What is your relationship status? Whether you are single or hitched, which band are you?

Post your thoughts in comments below…