Chris Armstrong’s Anti-Bullying Scholarship Will Make Sure “It Gets Better”

Former University of Michigan Student Body President Chris Armstrong of all people knows that “It Gets Better.” During his months of being stalked and harassed by Michigan Assistant Attorney Andrew Shirvell, the university administration and alumni stepped up and supported Armstrong.

Now Armstrong and his parents have decided to offer a scholarship to any prospective University of Michigan student who has been a victim of bullying or adversity. Armstrong says the University of Michigan is “a far better place to be who you are and to express everything you want to express.”

In the end, Shrivell lost his job, Armstrong countersued him and came out looking like a hero compared to Shirvell’s continued anti-gay insanity.

Because of his ordeal, Armstrong has become a national figure of the sort of good, earnest and talented youth targeted by anti-LGBT bullies on a daily basis. His scholarship not only ensures that others will continue to remember his travails but that others will look to him for strength when targeted by closet cases and emotionally insecure cyberbullies with far too much time on their hands.

Whenever you decide to run for President of the World, Chris, you have our vote.

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  • scribe31

    I am proud of you too Chris…Your post made me a little emotional… You are
    fighting for yourself and that is something I hope young people see. You are a role
    model, showing young gay men and women that it is not okay to be bullied. I wish you
    the best in life and in everything that you try to do.

  • TMikel

    Excellent! This is a wonderful act from someone who stood up to a prominent anti-gay bully, remained graceful under scrutiny and adversity and now wants to help others who have suffered from bullies. it is a win-win situation. I agree – he would have my vote should he run for president.

  • WillBFair

    Celebrity worship. It’s too boring. So great. Armstrong was able to take advantage of Shirvel’s massive overreach. That was good luck. But let’s not make him into some kind of super hero.
    There are a ton of people outside the University who have to play act for their very lives every day. And a shoulders squared, marching into the misty future generalization is not going to help them.

  • jeff4justice

    Why must an LGBT be a victim to qualify for a scholarship? Kinda warped no?

  • Baird

    @jefff4justice: It doesn’t say this is a scholarship for queer youth. It’s a scholarship for anyone who has been the victim of bullying. Also thank you for raining on the parade. This is why people don’t do more nice things.

  • Shannon Daugherty

    Good job! I don’t know you, but i’m proud of you! I was bullied throughout my school years for being odd. It’s awful to endure. And I think it’s just awful that people would be so cruel based on ones personal sexual identity. I think this sets an example especially to gay men that it’s NOT OK for people to mistreat others. I’m a woman, but have many gay friends and many people feel being a lesbian is a lot more socially accepted than a gay man. I’m sure this man whom was bullying you is struggling with his own sexual identity. Hence the harassment. I’m glad you stood up for yourself and set an example for youth no matter gay or straight there is no need for hate. Life is too short love and be loved.

  • davis1800

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