Chris Brown Arrested For “Homophobic” Assault

Chris Brown Attends The Kandy Vegas Party At The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Over the weekend, Chris Brown made yet another stop on his campaign to alienate all of America, this time with homophobia!

TMZ as well as the Associated Press are reporting that Chris Brown was arrested for felony assault following a club appearance in Washington, D.C. over the weekend. According to the male victim who spoke with TMZ, he and a buddy photobombed a picture that Chris Brown was taking with two young women outside of the club.

Brown promptly told his victim that he was “not into that gay shit” before punching the man in the face and breaking his nose, sending him to the hospital. The victim doesn’t understand why Brown was “so homophobic” towards him; is absolutely going to press charges; and is in the process of hiring a lawyer.

Both Brown and his bodyguard were involved in the melee, and were both promptly arrested. Brown, as we all know, is still on probation dating back to his assault on pop princess Rihanna. There is speculation that this incident could be grounds for violating said probation, which could send him to prison for nearly four years.