Chris Brown Is Probably Not A Bottom On The Down Low

Chris Brown calls people “gay” and “faggot ass” so often that it would be no surprise if he turned out to be closeted, right? Fellow R&B singer Martyn has accused Brown of just that along with being a big ol’ bottom. Martyn even has some highly questionable “evidence” to “prove” it.

This weekend a bunch direct message Tweets between Martyn and Brown hit the innerwebs. In one of them Brown allegedly says:

Yeah i enjoyed when u fcked the shit outta me nigga but thats only in the moment, only a stupid nigga would reject an opportunity like that.

Just cuz we messed around a few times don’t mean u shouldn’t respect a nigga. Am the shit hence F.A.M.E. fag

Whoever wrote those messages totally nailed Brown’s Twitter voice, but in all likelihood, they are fakety fake fake.

For one, Brown and Martyn aren’t following one another on Twitter, which makes direct messaging each other impossible. Second, Martyn also claims that he slept with Will Smith’s man-friend Trey Songz and the totally not bisexual singer Omarion; so Martyn’s a name-dropping kiss-and-tell—total drama. Third, anyone can Photoshop a direct message—direct messages prove someone’s gayness as much as crop circles prove the existence of aliens, which is to say, not at all.

Brown has threatened to sue so it’s most likely that this is just a publicity stunt by Martyn. And while it’d be hilarious to hear that Brown is a bottom, a hoax would at least saves us the trouble of having to accept him as part of the queer community. The straights can keep him…. blecch!

Image via Kaloozer

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  • damien

    does anyone even care about chris brown???

    i don’t

  • Michael

    This woman beating homophobic can go fuck himself already.Hes as relevant as the Housewives and the Kardashians are.

  • Ronbo

    Oh, God no. Not another show on E!

  • DJ

    Ok,like people don’t lie about their sexuality. He’s more obvious now than he was when he first came out… Plz stay yo ass in the closet I barely can deal with the fact he’s from VA…. trash…

  • Cam

    “Brown has threatened to sue”

    All the liars THREATEN to sue. It’s only if he’s telling the truth that he actually does.

    That said…..If Chris Brown WAS a bottom and getting done regularly he would probably be a lot less angry.

  • shannon


  • Honey Bun

    Whoever this Martyn dude is seems like he is trynna gain his fan base already even though he doesn’t have a record deal yet. Anyway, he needs some help.

  • Katt

    Queerty… I’mma gonna need you all to catch up. It’s been established that he was following Martyn and they have been seen together before. Martyn even said that some of the msgs were toyed with, but he does not deny the sexual relationship.

    We make it easy for closeted homophobes like Chris Brown to keep doing what he does. Now one will ever believe anyone who outs them because we instantly slut bash them. I have seen Chris Brown in Miami with Bow Wow, my gaydar exploded.

  • Tackle

    Wow! Queerty is really LATE on this one. This was on Bossip last week. And it’s not
    Chris Brown. It’s fake.

  • Anthony

    This woman beater is nothing but a thug-wannabe coward. He’s a waste of space on this planet.

  • Meowzer

    I wish it was true… Chris Brown is hot. Yes, he’s a homophobic woman beating thug wanabee, but didn’t we see his dick not that long ago? Isn’t he boy packin’?

  • MKe

    Yeah the straights can have him. He’s an excellent singer but he’s ruined it with his personality.

  • Petula


  • Naquita

    @damien: ummm..who wouldnt care about chris brown? Haters are trying to bring his career down, and he is still standing strong!#teambreezy:)

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