Chris Brown Promises He Didn’t Drop F-Bomb Again. Really!

Hip-hop star Chris Brown is in trouble for throwing F-bombs around in public—again.

According to Perez Hilton, a fan spotted Brown at a Hollywood cineplex and asked for an autograph: “The movie let out and I saw Chris come out the front door, sort of semi-running,” says Lucas Peter “I approached Chris and asked him to sign my CD cover.”

But it wasn’t meant to be.

“His bodyguard stopped me and said Chris wouldn’t be signing, so I told him Rihanna signs all the time,” says Peter. “That’s when Chris stopped in the garage by the parking pay stand and yelled ‘faggot’ at me.”

Figuring he’d lost his shot at a signature, Peter decided to stir the pot a little more:

“I walked over to where Chris was getting in the elevator and called him a wife beater and asked him if he was going to beat Rihanna again. Chris said, ‘I beat pussy’ and then his bodyguard tried to scare me by saying, ‘And I beat men.’”

Did this go down like Peter says it did? Brown’s spokesperson called the allegations, “a fabricated story that horribly uses the subject of homophobia as a means to garner attention.”

But it wouldn’t be the first time Brown’s been called out for slighting the LGBT community:  Earlier this summer he addressed Frank Ocean‘s courageous coming out with a rather lame “Man, no homo!”

Previously, Star Magazine claimed he lost his cool during a basketball game and starting calling other players faggots.  And Brown had to issue an apology to a group of L.A. photographers he assailed with anti-gay comments.

Aw, Chris—you have such a pretty mouth. Why do such mean things have to come out of it?