Chris Brown Responds To Critics Of His “Tranney” Fan Pic, Then Pussies Out And Deletes Tweet

MediaTakeOut.com insinuated yesterday that Chris Brown is a “tranney” chaser, simply because he posed with a trans fan at a club.

That’s MTO’s busted-ass spelling of the questionable word, by the way.

Brown, who has a pretty shitty record on LGBT sensitivity, supposedly tweeted back: “MTO!!! I have all kinds of fans that come to my shows! I respect each an every one of them!”

Unfortunately, Look-What-I-Can-Do-With-My-Tweets deleted the tweet for some reason. It’s kind of weird that he deleted it, because most of his fans’ reactions to the tweet were very positive, ranging from praise of his defense of gay community to assurances that Media Take Out ain’t shit.

So why did Chris Brown step down from defending himself and his trans fan? Could it be that Chris Brown is actually a huge pussy who kowtows to his publicity team or idiotic personal whims whenever scandal comes knocking? And here we almost thought, after Brown’s heroic defense of a trans lady, that we were #TeamBreezy!

And as for MediaTakeOut, which claims to be “The Most Visited Urban Website in The World,” well, they have given the gay community many great things, including rumors about Dustin Lance Black and Don Lemon and the faint whiff of Soulja Boy’s massive dong. But the site’s lack of tact can be a bit grating, especially when they’re saying it’s a bad or scandalous thing to love trans women.