Chris Colfer And Boyfriend Went Matchy-Matchy For July Fourth

tumblr_mpg3kfmcJK1qf87mzo2_250Glee‘s Chris Colfer and his boyfriend Will Sherrod of over six month barely are seen together in public by the paparazzi’s lens.

On the Fourth of July, they were caught having lunch in WeHo in matching “patriotic outfits” the Daily Mail  claims — then again, wasn’t anyone wearing red, white or blue that day matching as well?

Regardless if they were picked to match one another, Colfer and Sherrod (and his buff arms and legs) looked hella cute together as they munched on sandwiches at Mendocino Farms; which followed with a stroll along Santa Monica Boulevard before they went off to enjoy the holiday.

Colfer has been keeping busy in writing and directing post his Struck By Lighting release.

“I’ve written another movie, this time definitely R-rated about a 1930s asylum,” he told men’s fashion website Mr. Porter, and he added that his agent asked him to adapt a children’s book into a feature for Disney, which he wrote in one weekend. “Yeah, a 90-page screenplay in two days. It was insane.”

Photo: Tumblr