Chris Colfer celebrates 10 years with partner Will Sherrod and OMG these guys are just too cute


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Many happy returns to actor and writer Chris Colfer and partner Will Sherrod. According to a posting on Colfer’s Instagram, the two men have just celebrated their tenth anniversary.

Colfer, 32, posted a handful of photos, along with the caption: “Happy 10 Years, Will! Thank you for a decade of laughs and adventures! I love you. ❤️”

The last photo shows Colfer and Sherrod’s faces imposed on the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip. Colfer was a huge fan of her Majesty. He would often post a photo of her on his Instagram for her birthday.

Sherrod, 30, is an actor, producer and screenwriter.

Colfer is best known for playing Kurt Hummel on Glee. However, he has a successful second career as a novelist for children and young adults.

It started back in 2011 when he signed a deal with Little, Brown and Company to write two books for kids. Since then, the novels have just kept on coming, and have landed Colfer on the New York Times bestseller list. He’s now published 18 books.

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Finding fame with Glee

Colfer recently spoke about how he was initially terrified of playing a gay character on Glee back in 2009.

Speaking on Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz’s podcast, And That’s What You REALLY Missed, Colfer said he was thrilled to learn the writers had created a role with his in mind. His delight turned to dismay when he realized the character was gay.

“So, my hometown has come very far in the last couple decades, but when I was growing up there, it was dangerous to be out,” said Colfer about Clovis, California.

“Kids would get beat up. On one occasion, someone got stabbed on their way to school. So being out and proud was just not an option. So when I found out they had written this character for me, I was thrilled. And then, when I finally got the script was when I realized it was the gay character, and I was terrified.”

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He said that one family member warned him the gay role, “would ruin your life, essentially.”

However, Colfer said he put aside his fears as it was too high-profile a role to turn down.

“I just wanted to get out and be part of the industry so badly, I just knew there was no option. I also knew that it would probably force me to answer and ask questions of myself that I wasn’t quite ready to do,” he explained.

“So, I’m actually kind of grateful for it in a way because I think it kind of pushed me into a path of honesty with myself.”

Listen below.

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