Blames Home Schooling...

Chris Crocker Comes Clean On Nude Shots

Internet “celebrity” Chris Crocker finally fessed up to posting nude pics of himself online.

For days now I have been bombarded with messages about the nude photo scandal. The truth is, I was young and stupid when I took those pictures. So young in fact that I was 17 at the time.

I do not condone anyone underage or of age to post nudes, but in my own personal defense- I had a lot of alone time in the last half of my teen years, [I was home schooled] and when you’re young self-discovery..happens.

Ah, yes, the old home schooling defense…

Crocker goes on to say he’s “truly embarressed” for himself and his family. See? He should have gone to public school…

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  • NudeforMoney

    “For days now I have been bombarded with messages about the nude…” Excuse me, who is this queen? Who truly cares about this injected-lip freak? Who is bomarding? Other drag freaks who work in food service? With that face, being nude is the only way she will get some attention. Did you have her dick cut off?

  • Dawster

    home schooled? that explains a lot.

  • Matt

    I totally agree, Dawster (and so does my 98 year old Baptist grandmother, who tsks at home-schooling in general). Lack of social skills, inability to express himself in appropriate ways, engaging in outlandish public behavior to draw attention to himself, incoherent babbling…we’ve got to do something about these “home schools” that are teaching our children all sorts of nastiness!

  • Ellie

    I was home schooled until eighth grade. I’m a sophomore now, and I can socialize with the best of them and express myself better than plenty of adults I know. I figure that was a joke, but the stereotypes are annoying as hell anyway. And, uh, comparison to Crocker? Even less flattering, even if he cracks me up.

  • marybethyl

    Chris was home-schooled so he wouldn’t get the crap beat out of him in the public schools in his redneck town. I recall my own high school experience watching every move, gesture and inflection of speech so that I could hide my sexual orientation from my peers. I also saw people like chris driven out of the public school system because they could not hide who they were.

    If it had been an option at the time, home-schooling might have saved a lot of kids from beatings and suicides and lives of working in gay bars or as professional thieves or prostitutes and/or any combination of the above.

  • chrism

    And the very best part is that now, four years later, famous porn director Chi Chi LaRue has announced that Chris will be appearing in his summer gay porn release. Oh how 4 years can change “terribly embarrassed” to “show me the money I can’t make it any other way” ….

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