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Chris Crocker Has A Penis!

We recently suggested that internet “celebrity” Chris Crocker could be a “future trans hero”.

Soon after, The Stranger‘s Eli Sanders sent us an excerpt from his Crocker profile:

Around us in the restaurant, heavyset men inch their way along the breakfast buffet and women in loose sweatshirts share the latest gossip. Chris seems perfectly at ease and self-possessed, only lowering his voice, and then only lowering it slightly, when we talk about his femininity. “It’s not like I’m a woman inside a man’s body or anything,” he says. “But I’m definitely more feminine than masculine.”

No shit, Crockpot.

Despite Crocker’s assertions, we weren’t convinced of his erectile abilities. We are now. Former Queerty editor Frank Griggs just sent us appear to be pictures from Crocker’s ManHunt page. Crocker claims they shots are phony, but we know bologna when we see it!

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  • Mr. B

    Looks sort of like Crocker, but it also looks like about fifty thousand other blond twinks out there.

    And what, you guys have never met a drag queen/gender-bender/girlyboy who doesn’t identify as a woman? Femininity does not automatically equal female. There are plenty of trans folks who are really tired of always being equated with “gender play”–and probably plenty of people like Chris Crocker who are tired of getting asked when they’re going to have “the surgery.”

  • Jon

    Why is he a crackpot? A lot of the bizarre stuff that Queerty writes could be considered crackpot. If Crocker is a crackpot, what is Queerty?

  • Ash

    They didn’t say he was a crackpot, they called him “Crockpot,” which is funny. I agree with the sentiments of the first commenter, though. I was irked at the initial Queerty assertion that Crocker is a “future trans hero.” I have been a fan of his insane and hilarious videos for about six months now. (The Britney video does not do his brilliance justice.) And it’s always been clear to me that he is a certainly a nelly nelly queen, but not trans. He, like many of us were or still are, is a gay and flamboyant teenager, who reached out to the online communiy to escape his ultra-conservative upbringing and surroundings. Let’s leave him alone.

  • Jon

    What the hell is Crockpot supposed to mean? He’s a cooking pot? That makes no sense. Are they making fun of his name? That’s even worse, it’s both hypocritical and mean spirited.

  • Ash

    It is a play on the word crackpot and his name. Did you see his Britney video? I think crackpot applies. And so Crockpot is funny. Chris Crocker rocks in the glory of his insanity and we should too.

  • ssw

    I’m surprised how no one has brought up his posts on

    The journal is fashioned after the popular “Suicide Girls” trend of posting nude photos of people with tattoos, piercings, and the like.

    He’s posted there several times in the past, most notably a long tint where he posted nude photos of himself when he was undr-age leading him to get into a bit of trouble.

  • Ryan

    Let’s leave him alone? The boy is crying for attention. If we don’t pay attention to him, how will he ever get over the end of his 15 minutes? Personally, I never found any of his stuff funny and still don’t now. But, that’s just me, so feel free to move along. If you like him, though, don’t leave him alone… because that’s what he feeds off of LOL.

  • zooma1

    One problem. I loaded up his videos on YT and checked the shape of his nose carefully. It seems that his nose is slightly thicker and slightly crooked. In this picture it looks straighter and more narrow than his nose. I don’t think it’s lighting either. Because of that, I’m not 100% sure it’s him.. Other than that, he looks JUST like him. It’s amazing. So maybe I’m not looking at the nose right and it really is him. Or maybe not? Of course if someone found a pic that looked like Crocker, they’d think it was funny to post it saying it was him. So I don’t know.

  • rmack

    These are him, I’m quite certain I’ve seen them before. He used to post images in a livejournal community called art_fag, that is until he was kicked out for spamming it with his countless “self-portraits” (also known as 40,000 shots of him cam-whoring).

    I was annoyed by him then, I’m beyond annoyed by him now. If people are going to be fascinated by a blond, self-involved, dim-wit, shouldn’t they just continue to focus their attention on his beloved Britney?

  • Latisha


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