Future Trans Hero?

Chris Crocker Is Real


Maury Povich, whose show refuses to die, recently hosted crazed Britney fan Chris Crocker.

Andy over at Towelroad posted the video of the future television star and, we have to admit, this appearance sort of changed our minds about the kid.

Sure, he’s totally annoying and we have no interest in befriending him, but he said something very interesting during his appearance. When asked why he’s obsessed with Ms. Spears, Crocker replied, We’re both beautiful women that [bleeped] wants to be.” Maury later says, “America will never forget you,” which may be true. There are two sides to this: first, the perpetuation of gay men as flimsy tools and second, the potential for a broadened understanding of trans folk.

Now, we don’t know if Crocker identifies as a woman, but people seem to like him and he could potentially push gender norms in a new direction. If he does manage to open people’s mind, we’re all about it. If not, well, at least the kid got his fifteen minutes.

In case you’re wondering what word the producers censored… Well, we can’t tell for sure, but by reading Crocker’s lips it looks like he said “everyone”. We’re hoping someone in the audience yelled something offensive, because, we’re really confused as to why Povich’s producers would want to edit out “everyone”. You guys take a look and let us know what you think.