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Chris Evans’ biceps at the ‘Lightyear’ premiere have Twitter thirsting to infinity and beyond

Chris Evans had Twitter turning the fan on high last night after walking the Lightyear red carpet looking like a gourmet snack. An hors d’oeuvre, even.

Evans voices the titular Buzz Lightyear, and it seems he arrived on the carpet last night ready to advertise. Between his bulging biceps, his rugged beard, and his Boston accent jumping out, this leading man was not letting the girls breathe.

Truly, his generosity knows no bounds.

In a nice gay tie-in, Lightyear notably features a lesbian kiss between Uzo Aduba’s character and her lady love. The scene was almost left on the cutting room floor, but the uproar over Disney’s handling of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Florida earlier this year put enough pressure on the company to get it reinstated. Diversity win!

If Chris’ premiere display wasn’t enough to draw you to the Lightyear side, here’s the trailer: