Chris Evans Celebrates Brother’s Birthday, Chats Up Go-Go Boys At Gay Bar

Superhunk and part-time superhero Chris Evans was spotted at West Hollywood homo hotspot Eleven where he was celebrating his younger and openly gay brother Scott’s 29th birthday.

A source told the National Inquirer, which was picked up by gay gossip gadfly Perez Hilton:

“Chris arrived with a beau­tiful blonde woman, but no one in the room was paying attention to her. And while it was Scott’s big night, Chris stole the show. Everyone in the area cheered him on when he chatted with some of the ‘man­kini’-wearing go-go boys, who were dancing on top of the bar. He even gave his stunning date money to stuff in their G-strings. Scott got a huge kick out of showing off his big brother to his pals. Chris was the hit of the party!

“The guys there swooned. And when he came up behind Scott, hugged him and shouted ‘Happy Birthday,’ it made his brother’s night.”

Aww, that’s sweet. It would have been all the sweeter if Capt. America stripped down to his skivvies, hopped onto that bar and showed those go-go boys how it’s done…but, then again, that may have made for an awkward birthday present.