Chris Evans “Genuinely Dislikes” Noted Tool Ben Shapiro Over Anti-Gay Comments

Ben Shapiro has a lot of opinions on Jason Collins and unfortunately someone asked him about them. That someone was right-wing master-baiter Piers Morgan, who invited the recently Bar Mitzvah’d conservative commentator  to discuss those opinions, to the chagrin of studly actor Chris Evans.

Upon Jason Collins’ historic coming-out, Shapiro took to the Twitter to decry the calls of heroism being lauded at the NBA center — a popular trend among straight white men who never had to come out as anything (other than assholes) in their lives.

Morgan then took Shapiro to task for his insensitive comments, at which Shapiro accused the Brit of hating America by thinking that we’re all just a bunch of homophobes. Imagine that. After the segment aired, Chris Evans, who has a gay brother, tweeted this:

Shapiro, flattered and perhaps a little moist from the attention, tweeted this in response:

To which Chris responded:


And last time we checked, America: kind of homophobic. We’re not talking Uganda or anything, but since most LGBT people are still treated as second-class citizens, it’s pretty safe to say this isn’t a homosexual Xandau. You know, Canada.