Muscle beach

Chris Hemsworth conquers the beach in one of his thirstiest Instagram pics ever

Chris Hemsworth. Australian. Actor. Awesomely handsome. Often shirtless.

Always happy to give fans a glimpse of his chiseled physique, Hemsworth threw his Instagram followers a bone in the form of a shirtless pic alongside brother Liam.  With a special guest appearance from brother Liam.

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See for yourself! The 32-year-old, highly talented actor has pulled his wetsuit to his waist, and he’s looking at you. Yes, you. He is the one for YOU…

Scroll through this series of pics and you’ll discover the prize:

And for those of you too lazy (or Instagram-illiterate) to scroll:

While you’re at it, take a look at some of his hottest pics right here:

Give us a kiss gorgeous

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