Chris & Kevin: In Trouble For Too Much PDA

Our new favorite television show we have yet to actually see: The Principal’s Office! On Wednesday we brought you a clip of the TruTV series where two handsome young men were called down to speak with their principal about grinding too sexually at a school dance, and turned the whole thing into a giant homoerotic mockery of school rules. And today? It’s the war on PDA! Two more gents get called down for doing a little more than holding hands. But is it with each other? This shit is hysterical.

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  • hells kitchen guy

    This shit is also totally bogus. Don’t people understand the premise of reality shows? That it’s all acting for the camera? Don’t people know that there are probably 8 crew members at least surrounding the “spontaneous” scene?

  • petted

    That doesn’t make it any less entertaining

  • Alan down in Florida

    @hells kitchen guy: If it’s all acting for the camera why in heaven’s name would the principal let himself be presented to America as a humongous a*hole.

    As it is, I’d bet if the students sued the courts would find in their favor – as long as it wasn’t gay PDA. That’s another story for another post.

  • rick

    i wanna go back to high school at this school!

  • Sceth

    Insane plot – *Catholic* schools aren’t that uptight.

  • hells kitchen guy

    “If it’s all acting for the camera why in heaven’s name would the principal let himself be presented to America as a humongous a*hole.”

    Ask him that. I’d venture to guess that it’s the old “everyone wants to be a star.”

  • Carsen Tyler


    That is true, the only way you can get in trouble for PDA at my school is if a boy or sex is involved. Mainly since my school was an all girl school with a closed campus policy, so no boys were allowed unless they have a special pass from both the boy’s school and the dean of our school. And our dean would only give those passes to boys who were ill adjusted to the boy’s school…ergo none of them were dating girls in our school. And sex on campus was while banned, they only call you in for having sex if you messed up something, they made you clean it up. Or you had to pay for handcuff removal or making a hole in the wall or you managed to break some of the priceless antiques. It was a funny school.

  • cruiser

    This is an actual show on TRUTv, cause I have watched a couple or so episodes. Most of the time it is the usual High School hijinks.
    All it really is is just a bunch of different High School Pricipals talking about and showing video clips of their most “memorable” troublemakers

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