Chris Kluwe Debated Marriage Equality With A Chair—And Won!


By all accounts, Minnesota Viking Chris Kluwe wiped the floor with his opponent at Friday’s debate on marriage equality in Minneapolis.

Of course, he was debating an empty chair.

The marriage ally was once again standing up for the rights of the gay community, but since Matt Birk, Michele Bachmann and the folks from Protect Marriage Minnesota were too chicken-shit to show up, he had to bust out some philosophical kung fu on an empty Louis XIV.

Okay, not really an empty chair—other performers took turns sitting in the seat and reciting quotes of actual arguments made by  marriage-equality foes. An audience of about 40 watched as the erudite athlete tackled one false premise after another.

“I think I gave the chair hell, but it got some licks in. Almost fell over at one point,” Kluwe tweeted.

Twin Cities radio personality Tom Barnard moderated the event, held at Brave New Workshop Theatre’s Experimental Thinking Centre.