Chris Kluwe Moves To Oakland Raiders, Keeps Eye On Prop. 8

isabel kluwe chris kluweYou can’t keep a good ally down. Chris Kluwe, released prematurely from his contract with the Minnesota Vikings, has signed on as punter for the Oakland Raiders.

“I’m excited to be an Oakland Raider and be playing in California,” said Kluwe, who attended high school in the state before enrolling at UCLA. “Now, my family can actually come to games.”

While Minnesota legalized same-sex marriage earlier this week, the issue remains contentious in the Golden State. In 2008 California voters passed the discriminatory Prop. 8, which is being discussed by the U.S. Supreme Court with a ruling expected in June.

In March Kluwe, along with former Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo, filed a U.S. Supreme Court brief that supported same-sex marriage over the implementation of Prop 8.

The 31-year-old athlete will undoubtedly continue his passionate history as an outspoken advocate for LGBT equality.

“I’m still going to be myself socially and continue to tweet and interact with my fans,” Kluwe said.