"Give Gays Respect."

Chris Matthews Takes On Toilet Trolling

You either love or hate Chris Matthews (pictured, younger). There’s really no middle ground with this MSNBC newsman. Some complain that he’s too smug. Other’s find him disinterested. We, for the record, love him. First of all, he’s cute. Second of all, he talks gay all the time, like last night, when he addressed our nation’s comedic obsession with Larry Craig and bathroom cruisers.

Matthews first brings up a talking Craig doll and then offered a clip of Boston Legal‘s James Spader defending William Shatner in a lewd conduct arrest. Says Spader: “We‘re actually sitting in a courtroom wasting tax dollars because my client had gas. He was constipated.”

From there Matthews veers toward that George Clooney/Brad Pitt toe-tapping send-up and ends his brief segment with this:

Isn‘t it great how we Americans can laugh at—even at the most desperate of human acts?

My own response to the Craig story is to side with gay marriage. If we don‘t respect people, how do we expect them to respect themselves? Anyway, that‘s just my reaction.

And that’s exactly why we love you, blondie.

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  • ProfessorVP

    I’m not talking about Pitt, but only of Clooney: the bathroom toe-tapping schtick, and some of the other stuff he does, is known as “hiding in plain sight.”

  • hells kitchen guy

    Wow, he was preppie-cute when he was younger. Lesson: No carbs!

  • todd

    Matthews has only salivated over Bush’s codpiece for the past 6 years. No one had a bigger man crush than Chris when Bush donned the flightsuit and swaggered all Tom Cruise to announce Mission Accomplished.

  • Jack Jett

    The love/hate thing with Matthews is day to day.

    He really has a lot of hatred for the Clintons and like todd says…….use to have a major man crush on Bushie. Now, I’m thinking he has a raging hard on for Mittens Romney.

    He gives right wingers a major pass on a lot of issues. On the other hand, he is not Tucker Ann

  • Amber LeMay

    I watch Chris as often as possible… he’s human and entertaining. He doesn’t mind laughing at himself (and others) and doesn’t mind letting us know when his BS meter is going off. And ya gotta love his “HA!”

  • todd

    Did anyone see Chris’s son sing the National Anthem at the close of one of his shows a few years ago? It could explain his sympathetic stance toward The Gays.

  • kamasutrajones

    Wow! Normally I can’t stand Chris Matthews, though I occasionally catch his Sunday show on NBC locally for the other commentators. Anyway, after this, I guess I should give him another look.

  • ggreen

    I’m glad you love Chris Mathews’ fat doughy Catholic League loving ass, he most certainly hates your faggoty ass. Matthews lived in SF for many years and was not well liked or credible. Chris’ opinions change like the wind and often smell like he’s breaking it. Chris likes gays some of the time as long as we know are place, which is out of sight and politics. Blondie’s hair color comes right out of a cheap bottle (I think some of the editorial ideas from this page do too). He’d do hardball topless if he got a higher rating, I’m sure his 48 double B’s are hot too. When is your “leave Chris alone” You Tube coming out you Brittany Matthews lovers.

  • Leland Frances

    So soon you forget:

    “From the July 27 edition of MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews:

    MATTHEWS TO ANN COULTER: You are a controversial lady. You write beautifully. You have a brilliant brain. I stayed up last night reading your chapter on Willie Horton which was absolutely stunning in its satire, it reminded me of the young [conservative columnist] George Will.

    COULTER: Thank you.

    MATTHEWS: I’m back in heaven. I think I’m on college tour again. This is the University of Hardball, here we are. We have Ann Coulter. Look at her, look at her, the picture of heaven. All brain, no heart. Just kidding! OK, let’s go now to the first question.

    MATTHEWS: Let me ask you about your private life. How do you know that Bill Clinton’s gay?

    COULTER: He may not be gay, but Al Gore, total fag. No, I’m just kidding. As someone, no —

    MATTHEWS: That’s based on your private life?

    COULTER: No, that’s a joke.


    COULTER: That’s what we call in the writing business, a joke. No, I mean, I state a manifestly obvious fact. Someone pointed out on Free Republic, I think a little disgruntled yesterday, Ann’s amazing capacity is to state the obvious and make it news. I mean, everyone has always known, widely promiscuous heterosexual men have, as I say, a whiff of the bathhouse about them.

    MATTHEWS: But, you know, you were on — I was watching you on Deutsch [CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch] last night. I watched it because it was all over the blog sites, you can’t miss it.

    COULTER: Yes!

    MATTHEWS: You were immortal in that interview by the way. And you said it because you were sort of pushed to say it. I just wonder if you believe it.

    COULTER This is standard —

    MATTHEWS: It’s a joke. It’s a joke.

    COULTER I — I —

    MATTHEWS: It’s not a joke.

    COULTER: It’s not only not a joke, it’s not even surprising. If feminists were not so in love with Bill Clinton, this is like standard —


    COULTER For any feminist with the benefit of something beyond a community-college education, this is standard —


    COULTER — feminist doctrine that wild promiscuity shows a fear-hostility of women.

    MATTHEWS: Well, thanks, Ann. You’re great.

    COULTER Thank you.

    AUDIENCE MEMBER: Ann, I want to get your thoughts on [U.N. Secretary General] Kofi Annan this week

    COULTER: Right. Well, Kofi Annan and the U.N. peacekeepers have done a terrific job keeping the peace. And as you know, Israel mistakenly bombed some of them a few days ago. I think most Americans are looking at that, hoping they can hear about the installation on 42nd Street [i.e., the United Nations building].

    MATTHEWS: Thank you, Ann.

    COULTER: Thank you.

    MATTHEWS: Thanks for coming on. And a smart lady. Her book’s called Godless. Sometimes being smart isn’t enough for a civil discourse. We’d love to have her back.”

    – mediamatters.org

    For those who prefer the video version of the core exchange:


    Then there was his tagteaming “Brokeback Mountain” with the lovingly sensitive Don Imus while throwing valentines at Michael Savage, also from mediatmatters.org:

    “From the January 18 edition of MSNBC’s Imus in the Morning:

    IMUS: Have you lost weight?

    MATTHEWS: I was at — I was at 240 and gaining a couple years ago, and I’ve been working down — I was checking, I said — I got down to 215 after I ran the other day, so I’m somewhere in the teens still.

    IMUS: You look pretty good.

    MATTHEWS: I’m trying to get down to 200.

    IMUS: You look pretty good. I mean, I’m not working toward a Brokeback Mountain situation here, I’m just saying — I remarked to Charles — I said, “He looks pretty good to me.”

    MATTHEWS: I’ve been reading your comments. I don’t think you’re working in that direction.


    IMUS: Well, I’m trying. So, Al Gore —

    MATTHEWS: Have you seen it yet? Have you gone to see it yet? I’ve seen everything else but that. I guess —

    IMUS: No, I haven’t seen it. Why would I want to see that?

    MATTHEWS: I don’t know. I’ve no opinion on that. I haven’t seen it either. So —

    IMUS: So, they — I don’t know — it was out when I was in New Mexico, and it doesn’t resonate with the cowboys — with the real cowboys who I know. So —

    MATTHEWS: Yeah —

    IMUS: But then, maybe there’s stuff going on there, on the ranch, that I don’t know about. Not on my ranch, but you know what I’m saying.

    MATTHEWS: Well, the wonderful Michael Savage, who’s on [WTNT AM] 570 in D.C., who shares a station with you at least, he said — he calls it — what’s he call it? “Bareback Mounting.” That’s his name for the movie.

    IMUS: Right. Of course, Bernard calls it “Fudgepack Mountain,” but that’s probably….”

    So funny I forgot to laugh.

  • Jack Jett


    I forgot about his Ann Coulter lovefest.

  • Justin Tyme

    Craig is a dirtbag. Period. He wanted to enjoy all the fruits of the sexual revolution while stabbing gay men in the back and denying them their legal rights. He deserves anything and everything he gets. His closeted homophobia is exactly the attitude that led us into the AIDS crisis.

  • kel777

    I can’t stand him. He smugly fawns over politicos based on the most superficial of qualities, his incessant “man crushes,” god, he is so totally and hopelessly full of shit. Just because once in a blue moon he says something halfway decent doesn’t mean we have to respect him. He’s a tool, through and through.

  • kel777

    [email protected], you nailed it. Matthews is a piece of flaming shit. Not to mention how he can call Mitt Romney, a sleazy, unctuous troll, HANDSOME is beyond imagination. Or, for god’s sake, Fred Thompson, an old bag, a basset hound faced idiot, “good looking” … holy shit.

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