"Give Gays Respect."

Chris Matthews Takes On Toilet Trolling

You either love or hate Chris Matthews (pictured, younger). There’s really no middle ground with this MSNBC newsman. Some complain that he’s too smug. Other’s find him disinterested. We, for the record, love him. First of all, he’s cute. Second of all, he talks gay all the time, like last night, when he addressed our nation’s comedic obsession with Larry Craig and bathroom cruisers.

Matthews first brings up a talking Craig doll and then offered a clip of Boston Legal‘s James Spader defending William Shatner in a lewd conduct arrest. Says Spader: “We‘re actually sitting in a courtroom wasting tax dollars because my client had gas. He was constipated.”

From there Matthews veers toward that George Clooney/Brad Pitt toe-tapping send-up and ends his brief segment with this:

Isn‘t it great how we Americans can laugh at–even at the most desperate of human acts?

My own response to the Craig story is to side with gay marriage. If we don‘t respect people, how do we expect them to respect themselves? Anyway, that‘s just my reaction.

And that’s exactly why we love you, blondie.