Contractual obligation

Chris Pratt sticks to his promise to be “objectified equally,” bares all throughout “Passengers”


Last year, actor Chris Pratt told Vanity Fair he thinks men should be objectified in film just as much as women, saying, “I think it’s appalling that for a long time only women were objectified, but I think if we really want to advocate for equality, it’s important to even things out.”

“Not objectify women less,” he said, “but objectify men just as often as we objectify women.”

Well, critics who caught advance screenings of his new sci-fi pic Passengers — which hits theaters next Wednesday — say he’s definitely upholding his end of the bargain.

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According to TheWrap, he “joyfully” allows the film to feature him naked throughout and “otherwise exploit his physique.”

Such scenes include “sweaty weight lifting in the gym, flexing on a futuristic basketball court and … using his earthbound skills as an engineer to show off his biceps as he tinkers with a toolbox.”

There are also scenes featuring “his exposed backside in the shower and shuffling around his ride, the Starship Avalon.”

Meanwhile, co-star Jennifer Lawrence gets off comparatively easy on the flesh-baring scale: her bathing suit is staunchly conservative and made of “high-fashion mesh netting that covers her midriff.” And whenever she’s topless, it’s only seen from the back.

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Pratt and Lawrence share one nude scene together, but it’s “shown from a distance and in profile.”

And although his exposed talent will no doubt help sales — TheWrap reports it’s on track to open in the mid-$20 million range — critics have not been altogether keen on the film. It currently has a score of 42 on Metacritic.

Ironically, TheWrap gives the most despondent review of the bunch, saying the film “makes for queasy viewing and empty action thrills.”