Chris Pratt’s co-stars defend him for being problematic only to make things even worse

It’s safe to say that actor Chris Pratt hasn’t exactly been having the best week.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star has been trending on Twitter for days after losing an online poll for being the least popular Chris in Hollywood. This was followed by allegations that he’s a Trump supporter, which was followed by everyone being reminded that, oh yeah, he belongs to a super antigay church that believes homosexuality is a sin and promotes bogus conversion therapy.

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Soon, Pratt’s co-stars from the Marvel Universe were rushing to his defense. Zoe Saldana, Robert Downey Jr., and Mark Ruffalo all want everyone to know that, yeah, Pratt may be a bit problematic, but he’s a really, really great guy deep down.

“You got this @prattprattpratt,” Saldana tweeted. “Your family, friends, colleague & everyone who’s ever crossed paths with you knows your heart and your worth!”

“You all, @prattprattpratt is as solid a man there is,” Ruffalo added. “I know him personally, and instead of casting aspersions, look at how he lives his life. He is just not overtly political as a rule.”

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Meanwhile, Downy wrote, “What a world… The ‘sinless’ are casting stones at my #brother, Chris Pratt… A real #Christian who lives by #principle, has never demonstrated anything but #positivity and #gratitude… AND he just married into a family that makes space for civil discourse and (just plain fact) INSISTS on service as the highest value.”

Pratt’s wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, also put out a statement accusing people of “meanness and bullying.”

But Pratt’s A-list friends’ words of encouragement appear to have backfired, because all they seem to have done was draw even more attention to how ridiculous this whole thing is while making Pratt look pathetic.

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