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Chris Renfro shows how they thrusted their way into a role on ‘Queer As Folk’

Photo Credit: Instagram, @themeatskeleton

In adapting Russel T Davies’ landmark series for today’s audiences, Peacock’s celebrated Queer As Folk revival centers on a diverse cross-section of New Orleans’ LGBTQ community, one that feels much more representative of our modern understanding of queerness.

Of course, some things never change, and we were delighted to find that, yes, this version of Queer As Folk still includes lots and lots of hot, hot sex.

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In one of its earliest scenes, Johnny Sibilly‘s Noah and Chris Renfro’s Daddius aren’t shy as they go to town on one another in a scene that features plenty of muscle, sweat, and finely sculpted butt. But things get interrupted when Daddius’ friend Brodie (Devin Way)—also Noah’s ex—gives them a ring to announce he’s on his way over. The moment is sexy, hilarious, and so very gay, just like the Queer As Folk you remembered.

Today, Renfro offered their followers a peek behind the curtain and under the covers, sharing a brief clip of  their audition tape for the series from this exact scene that they captioned, “The Audition vs. The Show.” Take a look for yourself:

Proving their acting chops, the sexy, shirtless star is seen thrusting into thin air as they answer their cell and act out their one-sided phone call from the scene. It’s no wonder Renfro nabbed the part, considering how well they navigate a range of emotions, all while continuing to ride nothing in particular.

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Props to Renfro for providing this candid look behind the scenes. We’re grateful they’re not shy about sharing themselves—and this shame-free look at the acting process—with the world. In fact, the actor’s Instagram is chock-full of sexy posts from the set of Queer As Folk and elsewhere.

Check out some of our favorites below and be sure to give Renfro a follow for much more like it…

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