Christian Activist Accuses Gays Of Stealing Rainbow, Marriage From God; Investigation Pending

white house rainbow colors
The White House lit up in rainbow lights to celebrate June 26, 2015 ruling by US Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage nationally.

America used to be so great. Conservative Christians would stand hand in hand with their heterosexual partners, gazing upon beautiful rainbows, watched over by a loving God.

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Then gays got the right to marry and now straight people are forced to stay single forever and can’t look at so much at a single rainbow even accidentally without turning gay. Or at least that’s how they sometimes make it sound.

Take Walker Wildmon, Assistant to the President of the American Family Association, who recently tweeted out his frustration with the “homosexual lobby” stealing marriage and rainbows, due to a lack of originality.

If God made everything, doesn’t that make everyone guilty of stealing everything from Him? God made that land that golfers have stolen for their own purposes. Stop stealing land from God, golfers!

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As far as originality goes, as Patheos points out, many biblical stories come from other religions or cultural traditions.

Of course, many of the the types of marriages the Bible approves of look a lot different than the one woman, one man argument modern day Christians like to make.