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Christian activists are losing their minds over these ads for shoes

Volley Australia has launched an ad campaign called #Grassroots that has drawn the ire of one of the heads of the Australian Christian Lobby.

Wendy Francis, ACL Queensland director, tweeted out a warning to parents over the campaign, noting that the brand also sells shoes for children.

“Rooting” is slang for sex.

Samuel Leighton-Dore, one of the campaign’s models, told Mashable via Messenger, “I’m not sure she’s offended by the images so much as what they seem to represent, which is freedom, sexuality, and … footwear.”

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“I think when recognisably Australian brands start to embrace diversity and sexuality in their branding, it’s a sign that organisations like ACL are fighting the tide,” he added.

The campaign’s website has text on the homepage reading:

We’re sick of being socially engineered and we shun political correctness.
We’re young and we’re rooting for change.
We are children of the sun and are comfortable in our own skin, so don’t tell us who to love or how to be.
Our campaign is all about the celebration of sexual expression whilst remembering to stay safe.
For this reason we’ve joined arms with Ansell condoms in support of safe sex, as whilst we’re all about rooting, we believe in ‘safety first’.
So stay safe this summer and root for us, root for change, root for VOLLEY.


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Head here to watch the ad.

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