Oh lord

Christian author says “perverted” Mayor Pete signals “death rattle of a nation”

Bert Farias, left. Via Twitter.

As Mayor Pete Buttigieg continues on the campaign trail, hot off the heels of his big win in Iowa and a strong showing in New Hampshire, right-wing nutbags continue to lose their minds. The latest example: Christian author Bert Farias, who penned a lengthy homophobic essay slamming Buttigieg and obsessing over his sexuality.

Farias penned columns for the far-right Christian site Charisma News as well as for his own personal website, referring to Mayor Pete as “Petunia,” calling him a “trophy of Hell” and accusing him of trying to indoctrinate the public with homosexuality.

“We now have a male presidential candidate who has a husband whom he publicly introduces and even kisses without shame, while millions of Americans applaud and approve,” Farias writes. “And perhaps worse yet is that the shock effect has been so reduced that the rest of us are numb and desensitized to this most shameful and abominable behavior.” He goes on to say that “Buttigieg and others of his kind will do everything in his power to normalize homosexual relationships even more in the eyes of America.”

On his own site, Farias gets even weirder, posting pictures of half-naked men alongside another essay.  “I can’t seem to get the image of the Democratic presidential candidate Pete “Petunia” Buttigieg introducing and kissing his husband Chasten (talk about a name for an alien entity appearing as an angel of light) out of my mind,” he writes.

We have our own theories as to why Farias can’t stop thinking about Mayor Pete & Chasten, or a bunch of shirtless men. Maybe the title of his website offers a clue: “The Flaming Herald.”