Christian College Tells Lesbian Student To Go Back In The Facebook Closet

Kiah Zabel is an out-and-proud lesbian but her school, the Christian-identified Rochester college in Rochester Hills, MI, wants her to stop mentioning her sexuality on her Facebook page.

Fox 2 reports that Zabel came out on the social-media site recently, posting a photo with the caption “Out…Proud…Lesbian.”

We guess administrators at Rochester don’t have much to do because Dean of Students Brian Cole sent Zabel a note telling her to take the photo down.

“‘Out…Proud…Lesbian’ is not really consistent with the heritage of Rochester College and has proven to already be disruptive among fellow students who are really bothered by it.”

Ah yes, the old “disruptive” excuse, which basically translates to “the comfort of other students comes before your needs.”

Rochester President Rubel Shelly told that Zabel’s orientation conflicts with the school’s right “to maintain its standards and values with consistency,” but that they wouldn’t seek to expel her.

“We do not bully or coerce. To the contrary, we are a community that values all its members and affirms the Golden Rule of treating others as we would wish to be treated.”

We have to imagine Shelly was laughing maniacally as she wrote those words.

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